I'm Not Saying You're Stupid

Trivia Party Game

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Published: 1 July, 2018
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How long can a dolphin hold its breath? At what temperature does popcorn pop? What percentage of breast reduction surgeries are performed on men? I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid is a fun and fresh game featuring over 400 questions that are random, hilarious, and almost impossible to answer just right The answers are always numbers in this game, which sounds simple enough. But watch out! If your opponents think your answer sounds hopelessly wrong, they can stick you with an I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid… card. Correctly guess who will be furthest from the right answer and watch the points pile up! The perfect game for anyone who loves new trivia, wild guesses, and uproarious laughter! A dynamic and entertaining game for your next party, evening at home, or dinner!

Players 4+ / Age 14+


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