In Search Of Lost Time Vol 1

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#1 In Search of Lost time
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Cover Art for 9780099362210, In Search Of Lost Time Vol 1 by Marcel Proust
ISBN: 9780099362210
Publisher: Vintage Classics
Published: 10 January, 1997
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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THE ACCLAIMED FULLY REVISED EDITION OF THE SCOTT MONCRIEFF AND KILMARTIN TRANSLATIONIn the opening volume of Proust's great novel, the narrator travels backwards in time in order to tell the story of a love affair that had taken place before his own birth. Swann's jealous love for Odette provides a prophetic model of the narrator's own relationships. All Proust's great themes - time and memory, love and loss, art and the artistic vocation - are here in kernel form.


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