Discrete Mathematics

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ISBN: 9780130961419
Publisher: Pearson US Imports & PHIPEs
Published: 28 January, 1999
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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The distinguishing characteristic of Ross and Wright is a sound mathematical treatment that increases smoothly in sophistication. The book presents utility-grade discrete math tools so students can understand them, use them, and move on to more advanced mathematical topics. *NEW-An introductory section giving gentle, motivated warm-up questions that point out the importance of precision, examples, and abstraction as problem-solving tools. *NEW-Dependence on previous mathematical background and sophistication is reduced to give students with rusty skills a better chance at understanding the new ideas in discrete mathematics. *NEW-The chapter on elementary logic is extensively revised to place even more emphasis on logical thinking. *NEW-A revised presentation makes algorithms easier to translate into object-oriented programs. *NEW-Some long sections have been broken up. In particular, the account of Boolean algebras is substantially reworked to keep the abstract outline clear and to lead naturally to applications. *NEW-The section on big-oh notation is now in the chapter on induction where it is also closer to the algorithmic applications. *NEW-Chapters devoted to probability and al


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