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Palliative Care

Palliative Care by Christina Faull, ISBN: 9780192632807
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ISBN: 9780192632807

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Palliative Care

The care of patients with advanced and terminal illness can be extremely rewarding but often causes junior and indeed senior clinicians a considerable amount of discomfort. Patients with advanced disease present some of the most challenging ethical, physical, psychological, spiritual and social issues to clinicians and indeed to society. In line with the new integrated medical curricula, Palliative Care introduces the medical student and junior doctor to the problems experienced by patients with advanced disease. Information is provided in an accessible, user-friendly and interactive way and covers a wide range of physical and non-physical symptom management. Multiprofessional team work is addressed, as is the role and support of families. There is also a consideration of the dilemmas and decisions that may be encountered by doctors around the end of a patient's life. Although intended primarily for students in the clinical years of the medical course, the book will also appeal to junior doctors, nurses and all those who need to know something about caring for the terminally ill. It provides the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to care for the 'whole' patient with advanced terminal illness. OXFORD CORE TEXT SERIES The Oxford Core Text Series provides concise, yet comprehensive coverage of a range of essential topics in the medical curriculum. Written and tested in consultation with students, each book offers a clear and accessible account of the core material, supported by many case studies, learning aids, and clinical examples. All titles include the key information which the reader will need to prepare for successful clinical practice - making these texts ideal for all stages of the medical curriculum and beyond. Cover illustration: A water-colour titled 'The healing touch' reproduced with the kind permission of the artist Michele Angelo Petrone. Michele paints and writes of his experience during the treatment of Hodgkin's Disease. 'I need to know that this body is my body. And I need to know everything that is happening to my body. But most of all I need to know that you know that within my body there is me. Healing is brought about not just by medicine. It's not just treatment which cures you, but all that encompasses the human touch. A smile means more than an antibiotic injection, a hug more than a platelet transfusion. The face - of my friends, my family, my nurses and - yes - even my doctors, shows sympathy, compassion and understanding. This human face contributes so much to healing of the tortured soul'.

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