Integrated Marketing Communication: A balanced approach

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Cover Art for 9780195596717, Integrated Marketing Communication: A balanced approach by Maxwell Winchester
ISBN: 9780195596717
Publisher: OUP Australia & New Zealand
Published: 6 June, 2019
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Integrated Marketing Communication: A Balanced Approach is your students’ guide to integrated marketing communication (IMC), introducing them to the principles that underpin its practice.

This text considers the different theories of how IMC works, taking the empirical evidence available into account, and illustrating its real-world application with relevant industry examples.With expert commentary supported by contemporary case studies, this text explores communication theory, strategy and planning, and develops your students’ understanding of consumer behaviour. Equipped with this knowledge, your students will learn how they can balance IMC strategies with marketing needs in order to change attitudes and reinforce behaviours in customers.


Critically reviews the theoretical base of IMC, with an exploration of both salience and persuasion (Strong and Weak) theories of advertising

Focuses on the application of IMC theory to a broader marketing approach

Revision questions encourage reflective learning and further develop understanding

Practitioner profiles provide career and industry insights

Case studies and ‘IMC in Action’ boxes provide real-world examples

Suggested readings and key terms throughout support further learning.


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