Absolute Java: AND Student Resource Disk

United States Edition

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Cover Art for 9780321330246, Absolute Java: AND Student Resource Disk by Walter Savitch
ISBN: 9780321330246
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Published: 8 April, 2005
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Best-selling author Walt Savitch offers students a comprehensive introduction of the java programming language. The hallmark feature of his accessible writing style is predominate in this text, along with the needed tools and java topics for novice and experienced programmers to master the java language. In this second edition he takes full advantage of the new java 5.0 features and incorporates the new Scanner class, automatic boxing and unboxing, System.out.pintf for formatting output and enhanced for loop. There is comprehensive coverage of generic types, including how to define classes with type parameters, collection classes done as generic classes, and linked lists done with type parameters. Pedagogical features are integrated throughout including: pitfalls, programming tips, and self-test exercises and answers. This book is appropriate for introductory courses covering Java and intermediate programming courses introducing Java to students familiar with another language.


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