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A Guide to Business Law (21st Edition)

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A Guide to Business Law (21st Edition) by Christine Miles, Warwick Dowler, ISBN: 9780455233680
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ISBN: 9780455233680
Publisher: Thomson reuters
Published: December 2014
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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A Guide to Business Law (21st Edition)

A Guide to Business Law, 21st edition has been updated throughout to reflect changes affecting business and commercial practices in Australia occurring following the publication of the 20th edition. The work still maintains a national focus on business law, with references to State/Territory and Commonwealth legislation, case law, courts/tribunals and various agencies and organisations.

Features of the 21st edition include discussion of the following significant legislative changes, new organisations and case law:

the renaming and reorganisation of the CTTT (to become part of NCAT) and Federal Magistrates Court (to Federal Circuit Court) and the court hierarchy in NSW and Federally (Ch 2); - Campbell v Hay [2014] sets an important precedent from the NSW Court of Appeal about negligence and dangerous recreational activities under s 5L of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (Ch 3); - the -Raising the Bar" amendments to intellectual property laws, covering Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright (Ch 6); - new Codes of Banking Practice and ePayments and a review of the Franchising Code, plus an updated user guide to Austrac Online (Ch 7); - the new National eConveyancing System and future changes in property practices, including Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) and the Personal Property3/4 Securities Register (Ch 16); - the renaming of ITSA to ASFA and additional material on its functions (Ch 17); - complete revision of the chapter on Competition and Consumer Law, including additional material and cases on the -general protection" provisions of the Australian Consumer Law with detailed coverage of ss 18, 20-22 and expanded materials on unfair terms in consumer contracts (Ch 19); - and new material on using electronic documents in court proceedings (Ch 22).

This text is supported by a number of online lecturer and reader resources/materials such as Mentor self assessment and competency based questionnaires, lecturer PowerPoint slides, practice questions and answer guides, and useful chapter summaries.

A Guide to Business Law is a practical and informative text that should assist students to better understand business and commercial law in Australia.

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