Puzzloonies! Space Cats to the Rescue

A Solve-the-Story Puzzle Adventure

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Cover Art for 9780525572060, Puzzloonies! Space Cats to the Rescue by Russell Ginns
ISBN: 9780525572060
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Published: 3 August, 2021
Format: Picture Book
Language: English
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READ THE STORY. SOLVE THE PUZZLES. SAVE THE DAY! Puzzlooies! is a unique new series that mixes zany, funny stories with tons of puzzles that must be solved to move the adventure forward. Perfect for readers ages 7-11 who loved Brain Games for Clever Kids, the A to Z Mysteries , and Mad Libs! What in the world is a "Puzzlooey"?! It could be a whodunit mystery, or a thrilling survival adventure, or a romp through outer space. It's always a funny, engaging story that unfolds amid tons of related puzzles that kids must solve to advance the adventure. Each stand-alone Puzzlooies! book mixes word searches, secret codes, brain teasers, optical illusions, and other puzzles with a zany story packed with jokes and humor. Every book culminates in a "final challenge" that requires readers to call on puzzle solutions from previous chapters. As you write, decode, cipher, and trace your way through the story, you'll destroy your book. But that's okay--there are many more Puzzlooies! waiting to be solved! In Puzzlooies! Space Cats to the Rescue , you'll head to deep space with a ragtag crew of the Earth's most natural astronauts- cats! After all, they can squeeze into tight spaces, love lasers and (robot) vacuums, and pretty much ignore gravity. Launch the Meow Module, unlock the lasers, and decipher coordinates in the kibble on a desperate mission to prevent our planet from being pulverized by an incoming giant meteor!


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