Dial a for Aunties

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Cover Art for 9780593333037, Dial a for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto
ISBN: 9780593333037
Publisher: Berkley Books
Published: 27 April, 2021
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Your family would kill to see you happy 1 (accidental) murder 2 thousand wedding guests 3 (maybe) cursed generations 4 meddling Asian aunties to the rescue! Wedding photographer Meddy Chan has always wanted to make her overbearing family happy. And there's nothing they want more than to see Meddy happily married. But when Meddy accidentally kills her blind date that they set her up on, she calls her meddlesome aunties to help her. Although hiding a dead body is going to be harder than they thought, especially when their family business has its biggest event yet – and at a hotel that just happens to be managed by Meddy's ex boyfriend, Nathan, aka the one that got away. Dial A For Aunties is hilariously quirky and original debut that's part murder mystery, part rom-com for fans of Crazy Rich Asians.


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