Dogs on Doorsteps

Cover Art for 9780646824017, Dogs on Doorsteps by Suzanne Stevenson
ISBN: 9780646824017
Publisher: Affirm Press
Published: 1 December, 2020
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Dogs on Doorsteps began as a personal project launched during the 2020 lockdown period in March. Suzanne photographed neighbourhood dogs in order to retain a connection to the community and to give back by providing owners with images of their beloved dog. It started with her friends' dogs, but quickly expanded and took on a life of its own through word of mouth. Almost 70 dogs have now been photographed: Covid puppies, show champions, and old faithful pals. All sorts of beautiful breeds and rescue dogs. They are our entertainers, our companions and our loyal best friends who provide 100% unconditional love. In these odd times, our dogs are our therapy, delivering joy & companionship during long months of isolation.


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