Tasmanian Whisky - the Devil's Share

A road trip in search of an Island's Spirit

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Cover Art for 9780646916552, Tasmanian Whisky - the Devil's Share by Bernard Lloyd
ISBN: 9780646916552
Publisher:   Tas Food Books
Published: 20 November, 2014
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Redrawing the boundaries of Tasmania into four whisky districts and then journeying across each one, over four years Tasmanian whisky historian and well-respected writer Bernard Lloyd visited every Tasmanian whisky distillery, including Australia’s first, to discover their distinctive and innovative ways of Tasmanian whisky making. His pioneering journey shows how Tasmania’s native peats and barley strains, its climate and its water, together with its people—farmers, scientists, maltsters, brewers, distillers, coppersmiths, coopers, lawmakers, excise officers and brand ambassadors—combine to make the island’s world-renowned whisky spirits. The book also features • Tasmania’s Whisky Districts: maps and guide • The inner workings of all Tasmania’s whisky distilleries explained by each distiller • Tasmania’s whisky ingredients • Whisky Tasting Notes from expert taster Yuri Chlebnikowski • Images of rare Tasmanian whisky bottles and their labels • Archival records and never-seen-before images of colonial whisky distilleries and their departed spirits • Emerging Tasmanian distilleries • Colourful stories of colonial and contemporary whisky devils, rapscallions, moonshiners and scoffers • An Australia-wide Where To Try and Buy Tasmanian Whisky guide

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