Money with Jess: Your Ultimate Guide to Household Budgeting

Cover Art for 9780730398233, Money with Jess: Your Ultimate Guide to Household Budgeting by Jessica Irvine
ISBN: 9780730398233
Publisher: Wiley
Published: 1 April, 2022
Format: Trade Paperback
Language: English
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Learn how to get money, how to spend it and how to save it. Does thinking about money make you feel overwhelmed, confused or anxious? That ends now. Join one of Australia’s most loved and respected economics journalists, Jessica Irvine, as she helps you strip away your negative money thoughts and teaches you the real meaning of money: how to get it, how to spend it and how to save it. Whether you want to buy a home, retire comfortably, sleep well at night, leave a job you hate or borrow to build your wealth, learning to budget your money is the foundation of all good money decisions. Money with Jess unpacks the unique and simple system Jess created for organising, tracking and investing her own money. You’ll also find: · Over 300 genius hacks to help you boost your income, trim your spending and create the life you truly want. · Effective strategies for coming to grips with your own spending habits · A colorful system for personal finance that will keep you engaged and interested Money doesn’t have to be intimidating. With Money with Jess, you can forget the fear and learn to make money decisions with confidence.


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