Seasons in the City

Cover Art for 9780734420442, Seasons in the City by Megan McKean
ISBN: 9780734420442
Publisher: Lothian Children's Books
Published: 1 September, 2021
Format: Picture Book
Language: English
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Do you know springtime in Tokyo is cherry blossom season? Or that on the longest day of summer in Stockholm the sun stays up for 18 hours? Seasons divide the year and bring about changes in the world around us. Different seasons bring warm or cool weather; snow or extreme heat; wet, windy weeks or dry, dusty days; and even big weather events like super storms and twisting tornadoes. Throughout history people have welcomed new seasons with important rituals. Plenty of these traditions continue today, as the change in weather brings different occasions to celebrate and activities to enjoy all year round in many of the world's cities. Discover what different seasons look like in cities all around the world.


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