Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archives

The Personal Archives

Cover Art for 9780764164606, Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archives by De Hoz, La Cindy
ISBN: 9780764164606
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Published: 1 August, 2011
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Fifty years after her untimely death, Marilyn Monroe continues to attract attention as an ongoing focus of interest and controversy. In this brand-new book, film historian Cindy De La Hoz gives Marilyn's countless fans a dramatic biography, and supplements it with 20 rare and removable facsimile documents that mark important events in the actress's life. The biography begins with the birth of Norma Jeane Mortensen in 1926, then describes her unstable family background, her childhood spent in an orphanage and foster homes, her early career as a photographer's model, her 1946 contract with Twentieth Century-Fox, her rise to movie stardom, and her important films, including "Some Like It Hot "and "The Misfits. "Also described are Marilyn's several marriages, her emotional troubles, and her sudden, mysterious death on August 5, 1962. Among the facsimile documents included with the book are-- Marilyn Monroe's personal script for her film, "Niagara " Airline tickets for Aug. 27, 1950, the day Marilyn and a companion traveled a to a hospital where she checked in for treatment, following a nervous breakdown The contact sheet for Marilyn's last modeling shoot A handwritten note written by Marilyn to Joe DiMaggio The divorce certificate between Joe DiMaggio and Norma Jeane . . . and more "Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archives "uncovers the private life and lays bare the conflicting dreams and emotions of one of the twentieth century's most memorable film stars. Marilyn Monroe's legenda

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