Net, the Text Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print: Uncover the Message Between God, Humanity, and You

Uncover the message between God, humanity, and you

Cover Art for 9780785247708, Net, the Text Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print: Uncover the Message Between God, Humanity, and You by Michael DiMarco, Hayley DiMarco
ISBN: 9780785247708
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Published: 9 August, 2022
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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What would you do if you could text all your questions, all your worries, all your doubts and fears to God? What if He was always online and would always answer you? Would you start typing right now? Someone once said that the single most important thing about you is your thoughts on God. Give that a minute to sink in. Why would that be? Because all your thoughts about humanity, love, suffering, and the like are shaped primarily by whether or not you think there is any meaning to it all, by whether or not you are on your own, and by whether or not God even cares about it all. Knowing who God is will give you answers to life's big questions that you might not have even known you needed. The TEXT Bible is like a conversation between you, a friend teaching you about the faith, and the God of the Universe. It gives you a method of Bible study that's easy to remember and use for any passage of scripture: Talk to God; Encounter God and humanity; eXamine your heart; Talk to others. Plus, there's so much more! Features include: Book introductions Texting the Text: use the 4-step process of Scripture engagement Big Q of the Text: big life questions with short answers Who is God?: 100 short devotions on the person and character of God Praying the Text: learn how to start praying God's Word right back to Him Get to Know the Text: provides concise history of a major event or character Follow the Thread: navigate the Bible across topics Anatomy of the Text: describes parts of speech or important types of literature such as parables or apocalyptic books Terms of the Text: what you need to understand about some of the unique words in the Bible 8 full-color maps Clear and readable 9-point NET Comfort Print(R)


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