The Power of Habit

Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

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ISBN: 9780812981605
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
Published: 7 January, 2014
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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OVER 60 WEEKS ON THE "NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER LIST With a new Afterword by the author In "The Power of Habit, "Pulitzer Prize-winning business reporter""Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed. Distilling vast amounts of information into engrossing narratives that take us from the boardrooms of Procter & Gamble to sidelines of the NFL to the front lines of the civil rights movement, Duhigg presents a whole new understanding of human nature and its potential. At its core, "The Power of Habit" contains an exhilarating argument: The key to exercising regularly, losing weight, being more productive, and achieving success is understanding how habits work. As Duhigg shows, by harnessing this new science, we can transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives. "NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER - NPR""BESTSELLER - "WASHINGTON POST "BESTSELLER - "LOS ANGELES TIMES "BESTSELLER - "USA TODAY "BESTSELLER - "PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY"The Wall Street Journal - Financial Times" "Sharp, provocative, and useful."--Jim Collins "Few books] become essential manuals for business and living. "The Power of Habit "is an exception. Charles Duhigg not only explains how habits are formed but how to kick bad ones and hang on to the good."--"Financial Times" "A flat-out great read."--David Allen, bestselling author of "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity"" " "You'll never look at yourself, your organization, or your world quite the same way."--Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of "Drive "and" A Whole New Mind" "Entertaining . . . enjoyable . . . fascinating . . . a serious look at the science of habit formation and change."--"The New York Times Book Review""Cue: see cover. Routine: read book. Reward: fully comprehend the art of manipulation."--"Bloomberg Businessweek" "Absolutely fascinating."--"Wired""A fresh examination of how routine behaviors take hold and whether they are susceptible to change . . . The stories that Duhigg has knitted together are all fascinating in their own right, but take on an added dimension when wedded to his examination of habits."-- Associated Press "There's been a lot of research over the past several years about how our habits shape us, and this work is beautifully described in the new book "The Power of Habit.""--David Brooks, "The New York Times"" " "A first-rate book--based on an impressive mass of research, written in a lively style and providing just the right balance of intellectual seriousness with practical advice on how to break our bad habits."--"The Economist"" " "I have been spinning like a top since reading "The Power of Habit, ""New York Times" journalist Charles Duhigg's fascinating best-seller about how people, businesses and organizations develop the positive routines that make them productive--and happy."--"The Washington Post"


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