NASA Saturn V Manual (Haynes Manuals)

Cover Art for 9780857338280, NASA Saturn V Manual (Haynes Manuals) by David Woods
ISBN: 9780857338280
Publisher: Haynes Publishing UK
Published: 1 August, 2016
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Few launch vehicles are as iconic and distinctive as NASAs behemoth rocket, the Saturn V, and none left such a lasting impression on those who watched it ascend. Developed with the specific brief to send humans to the Moon, it pushed rocketry to new scales. Its greatest triumph is that it achieved its goal repeatedly with an enviable record of mission success. Haynes Saturn V Manual tells the story of this magnificent and hugely powerful machine. It explains how each of the vehicles three stages worked; Boeings S-IC first stage with a power output as great as the UKs peak electricity consumption, North American Aviations S-II troubled second stage, Douglass workhorse S-IVB third stage with its instrument unit brain - as much a spacecraft as a rocket. From the decision to build it to the operation of its engines valves and pumps, this lavishly illustrated and deeply informative book offers a deeper appreciation of the amazing Saturn V.


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