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The Australian Tax Handbook: 2017

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The Australian Tax Handbook: 2017 by Robert Deutsch, ISBN: 9780864699213
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ISBN: 9780864699213
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The Australian Tax Handbook: 2017

Published continuously since 1955, The Australian Tax Handbook is a convenient volume covering the full spectrum of income tax law and related taxes. It features clear overviews, concise explanations and worked examples to make the tax system easier to understand and apply in practice. The 2017 edition of this premier tax reference book has a logical chapter arrangement focusing on making working life easier for practitioners. With clearly set out core tax principles supported by numerous worked examples, The Australian Tax Handbook 2017 highlights all the important changes over the last 12 months. The traditional strength in providing greater depth of coverage ensures The Australian Tax Handbook remains the premier tax research book available to today's market. WHAT'S NEW? Proposed reduction in small business company tax rate Proposed increase in small business entity threshold - but not for purposes of CGT small business concessions Roll-over relief for small businesses that restructure Tax incentives for investments in early stage innovation companies Significant changes to superannuation Changes to how working holiday makers are taxed Primary producers will be able to re-enter the averaging system Proposed amendments to give the Commissioner the power to modify the operation of tax laws FEATURES States the law as at 1 January 2017 and covers proposed changes to tax law outstanding at that date. Comprehensive coverage of income tax law, regulation and practice and related taxes, presented in a concise, easy-to-read format. Clear explanations and practical analysis supported by numerous worked examples. Logical organisation and structure - tiered commentary with clear overviews and introductions leading to deeper analysis of specific tax topics. Quick reference tools such as tax rates and tables, checklists. BENEFITS Helps you to gain a practical understanding of tax law and regulation and its application to a wide range of client tax issues. Provides a complete picture of the Australian tax system in a compact single volume. Answers common questions you face from clients. Highlights the important changes over the last twelve months. Worked examples to help you easily apply the analysis to your issues. Easy to navigate and quickly locate answers to your questions.

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