Invisible Contracts

Cover Art for 9780975886571, Invisible Contracts by George Mercier
ISBN: 9780975886571
Publisher: Law Research Group
Published: 1 March, 2004
Format: Paperback
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One of the reasons why lawyers try and raise numerous subclassifications of Tort up to the main level of Tort and Contract (as they grope and search in the dark the way they do), is because they do not see the invisible contracts that are often quietly in effect, correctly overruling Tort Law intervention, since an examination of the factual setting seems void of any contract. By the end of this Letter, you will see many invisible contracts for what they really are, and you will see how to identify the indicia that create invisible contracts. You may not understand the deeper significance of the distinction in effect between Tort and Contract right now, but after reading this through a few times, the semantic differential in meaning should become very apparent to you, as I will give many examples of Contract Law and Tort Law reasonings and arguments, as applied across many different factual settings; as whenever there is a judgment of some type, there is always in effect some rules and an exclusion of some evidence in the mind of the judge as to what arguments will and will not be allowed to be heard -- (even though this process goes on unmentioned orally by the judge); and the real reason why there is an important significance here that you might be interested in taking Personal Notice of [just like Judges take Judicial Notice of special items], in Tort and Contract rule differentials in judgment settings, is because we all have an impending Judgment with Heavenly Father -- where arguments then presented will be judged under similar Tort and Contract rules; a judgment setting where the pure magnitude of the consequences renders unprepared incorrect reasoning injudicious and lacking in foresight.


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