Twisted Poems of a Warped Mind

Cover Art for 9780994499660, Twisted Poems of a Warped Mind by Melanie Tomlin
ISBN: 9780994499660
Publisher: Kylani Press
Published: 7 October, 2016
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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In the author's own words, 'These are classics in my own mind.'Readers beware! Some of you will be shocked by parts of this book. Vegetarians may be disturbed by turkeys on the menu, or kiddies in a witch's freezer. Others could well get excited by all the chopping, reaping and killing or be offended by the mushy poems professing love. If you prefer a little titillation, be warned, there are no refunds or compensation for bruised buttocks from the house of sin. Not put off by any of the above?Ma


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