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Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum Year 9 (Second Edition)

Cover Art for 9781108772853, Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum Year 9 (Second Edition) by David Greenwood
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ISBN: 9781108772853
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 16 October, 2019
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Editions: 1 other edition of this product

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Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum Year 9 (Second Edition)

Other Editions

This second edition of Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum now addresses the needs of a wider range of students, provides even greater assistance for teachers and offers a new level of digital support.

Revised treatment of the proficiency strands: Pre-exercise ‘Building understanding’ questions immediately after ‘Key ideas’ promote class discussion and help consolidate the lessons’ fundamental skills and concepts for students who need the support, and allow stronger students to move more quickly to the worked examples and the Fluency of the exercise.

‘Now you try’ questions for every worked example: Questions without worked solutions have been added to every worked example. These additional questions give students immediate practice at the same type of question covered in the worked example before they get to the exercise. ‘Now you try’ questions also provide teachers with material if they want to demonstrate a question in the same style as the worked examples.

‘Applications and problem-solving’ activities: A set of graded and scaffolded ‘Applications and problem-solving’ activities allow students to investigate practical applications of the knowledge and skills developed throughout the chapter.

Tools to help students keep track of their progress: ‘Learning intentions’ at the beginning of each lesson clearly state what the student should expect to learn in the lesson. A checklist of success criteria, complete with short example questions, is then provided at the end of every chapter to assist students with keeping track of their progress, and also doubles as a form of quick revision.

A new level of digital support: The Interactive Textbook and Online Teaching Suite, powered by Cambridge HOTmaths, now offer an even greater level of digital support for teaching, learning, assessment and reporting through integrated digital resources and a powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum Second Edition retains all of the features that have made this series so popular. The new edition combines a proven teaching and learning formula and complete curriculum coverage with innovative digital capabilities to guide Victorian students through Years 7 to 10&10A mathematics and prepare them for success in their senior courses.

Logical and sequential development: The sequencing of topics throughout the textbook for each year level encourages deep understanding, reduces lesson time planning, and allows the teaching program to be built around the textbook. Logical topic development is supported by carefully graded questions, linked examples, investigations and key point summaries in an uncluttered layout.

A practical interpretation of the proficiency strands: This highly regarded interpretation of the Victorian Curriculum proficiency strands supports precise grading of questions and consistent depth across all topics in the curriculum. Every question is grouped according to the four proficiency strands plus Enrichment, and every lesson contains questions for all four strands. By including the ‘Building understanding’ questions after the ‘Key ideas’ we have improved the flow of each lesson and exercise, while at the same time making each lesson more accessible to students who need additional support.

Pathways for differentiated learning: Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum supports differentiated learning by offering three pathways (Foundation, Standard and Advanced) through the exercises to cater for learners of a wide range of ability levels. These pathways are indicated in the textbook through detailed working programs subtly embedded in the exercises.

Approach to Algorithmic Thinking: Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum includes an introduction to Algorithmic Thinking at every year level in a highly teachable, activity-based chapter designed to apply algorithmic thinking to all three strands of the curriculum.

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