The King Arthur Conspiracy

Arthur, America, and the Comet

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ISBN: 9781412026420
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Published: 12 April, 2005
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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This work constitutes an entirely new synthesis of the earliest evidence. Britain has two ancient histories. One version is a mass of confusions and dead ends, starting with events of the 5th Century AD. This establishment version of history ignores ancient British records, relics, and evidence. British history begins with the arrival of the great fleets of Albyne around 1600 BC (3600 years ago) and the later arrival of Brutus and his armadas around 500 BC (2500 years ago). The histories of Albyne, of Brutus and the entire Arthurian Dynasty were finally consigned to limbo around 1840-1860, in a rush of imperial propaganda and fanatical religious orthodoxy. A British Christian Kingdom founded in Apostolc times stands at last revealed. Evidence of the Lost Ten Tribes of Irsael, and of the Ark of Covenant, and the key to deciphering the Copper Dead Sea Scrolls, was discarded in this cultural genocide due to a preconceived mind-set within an inaccurate framework. The fabricators of this policy also destroyed the vital evidence of Ancient American History without realizing that fact. One composite major historical figure, "King Arthur" in the persons of Arthur I, son of Magnus Maximus c AD 346-400, and his direct descendant Arthur II, son of King Meurig c 503 –579, stood immovably in the way of the planned destruction and obliteration of all non-Anglo-Saxon ancient British History. The evidence of these comprehensively recorded two Arthurs is in abundance. "King Arthur" remained the great obstacle. Stale paradigms and 19th Century Victorian anachronisms are appropriately left far behind. Persistent tradition asserted that the Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet was identical with Ancient Etruscan, Rhaetian, & Pelasgian Alphabets, offering clues to deciphering these inscriptions scattered along the ancient British migrations trails. The Alphabet was used in ancient Assyria by the Ten Tribes of Israel between 720-687 BC, who the Assyrians knew as the Khumry. In Asia Minor the Khumry were called the Kimmeroi by the Greeks, in 687-650 BC, when they left Armenia and migrated westwards through Asia Minor. The Alphabet appears in the Aegean, and in ancient Palestine and Egypt. From the Dardanelles in Asia Minor half of these people went to Italy to found the Etruria in c 650 BC, and the remaining half sailed for Britain in c 504 BC under their leader Brutus. The same Alphabet was used in Britain by the Khumry, who were called “Welsh” from the Anglo-Saxon word “wallische” in High German, meaning “strangers”. The decipherment of ancient Etruscan texts opens up areas of physical evidence. Re-writing of Oxford and Cambridge around 1850 succeeded in eliminating the most titanic event in British history when debris from a comet devastated almost all the densely populated powerful Arthurian state. This involved a massive array of ancient written evidence including details of Voyages in the sixth century AD, and linked directly to an array of physical evidence and inscriptions in the Coelbren Alphabet on the East Coast and Mid West of North America. Madoc Morfran, a brother of Arthur II, sailed to America in AD 562, and Gwenon sailed in 573 to confirm the star reckonings, and Arthur II and Madoc sailed with a 700 ships fleet in 574, in well recorded voyages that are supported by Manuscript and physical evidence. Scholars have been denied access to massive areas of vital evidence, and the Ark of Covenant was in Armenia from c 720 –687 BC, and at the Dardanelles by 504 BC. Falacious platitudes and unjustified hypothesis are paradoxically revealed. This research and discoveries reveals tangible evidence and the necessary topographical indentification to bring the history into the physical realm.


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