Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible: Advanced Gasifier Plans to Build Your Own Wood Gas Generator. Make Free Biofuel at Home

Cover Art for 9781500362270, Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible: Advanced Gasifier Plans to Build Your Own Wood Gas Generator. Make Free Biofuel at Home by Ben Peterson
ISBN: 9781500362270
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 29 June, 2014
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Saving: Saving: $2022.61 or 93%

The Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible is a step-by-step construction manual to build a powerful woodgas generator with advanced features, yet needing only a minimal build budget. Wood gasification extracts the stored sunlight in wood to create a gaseous biofuel rich in hydrogen. It's like having your own personal scale natural gas refinery. How would you like to make your own free fuel... for life? Cut your utility bills, alt fuel vehicles and farm equipment or just go way off-grid. It's all possible using locally available wood you can pick up off the ground and a little known technology that helped kick off the Industrial Revolution. Does it work? It powered 1 million installations in Europe during WW2 and saved the continent. Now, this new book builds on those traditional WW2 designs and improves them dramatically with automation and advanced heat recycling for better performance and stronger, cleaner gas. This book is for you if you are a: biofueler, solar panel owner, back to the lander, off-gridder, hydrocarbon hacker, hydrogen enthusiast, prepper, patriot, survivalist, permaculturalist, welder, engineer, fabricator, blacksmith, wood worker, alternative fuel researcher, WW2 buff, inventor, tinkerer, or just a curious minded problem solver. Finally a construction manual that spells it out step-by-step and divulges the secrets to the lost art of wood gasifier construction in easy to follow detail. A must-have book in your library. Do it right the first time and save enormous amounts of time and money. The Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible will show you how.


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