The Sissy Trainer Mrs. Pennysaver (Mistress Dede Forced Feminization Stories Series)

Cover Art for 9781503056831, The Sissy Trainer Mrs. Pennysaver (Mistress Dede Forced Feminization Stories Series) by Mistress Dede
ISBN: 9781503056831
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 31 October, 2014
Format: Booklet
Language: English
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From Mistress Dede Forced Feminization Stories Series this book includes:"A Plaything for Mrs. Pennysaver" and the sequel "Pegged by Mrs. Pennysaver""A Plaything for Mrs. Pennysaver"After the economy tanks, Nathan Stone needs money fast. When mysterious billionaire Percival Pennysaver passes away, his widow, Mrs. Pennysaver, puts out an ad for a cleaning contractor in her dearly departed's obituary. With few options left, maxed out and desperate for any job, Nathan takes a day trip to the splendidly Gothic estate of the Pennysavers. An open door eagerly invites him in, and the stunning Mrs. Pennysaver greets him in her smooth and silky black kimono with her flaming scarlet hair pinned up in elaborate curls. She offers him a cool refreshing drink and right away he's hooked. But when he makes an awful mess, he begs her for pity. Mrs. Pennysaver gives Nathan a second chance but only if he begs her for mercy and submits to her will. Serve her, completely. Nathan will find out exactly just what's required to be initiated into his mistress' sexual world. Discover along with Nathan, that no matter how hard he begs or pleads, his mistress will make her little sissy a one of a kind ladyboi to suit her needs. In this dazzling tale, you'll be taken on a thrilling ride of colorful wigs, soft shell stockings, stilettos and oh so much more! You'll see an erotic transformation of the likes you have never seen before. This story features explicit scenes including ladybois, sex slave, sexual transformation, clothing fetish, perverted fantasy, cross dressing, domination and submission, forced feminization, sissify, m/m, hardcore humiliation, rimming, pegging and pleasure! Mature adults only! "Pegged by Mrs. Pennysaver"In the sequel to A Plaything for Mrs. Pennysaver, Nathan Stone now calls the lush and lavish Pennysaver estate his home. Although he's still not totally comfortable with the arrangement, he realizes he's got no place else to go. Trapped in her house as her low-rent sex slave against his will, he finds himself completely at his mistress' mercy. To his surprise, the long nights of fulfilling Mrs. Pennysaver's naughtiest and taboo fantasies stops-cold. On the eve of the annual Midnight Masquerade, he finds himself starving for hot affection. Suddenly, Nathan is caught red-handed in a compromising position, feverishly sniffing his mistress' soiled panties. In this scorchingly kinky tale, Nathan learns another lesson- to not touch his mistress' nice lacy things. And she won't let it go easily. Mrs. Pennysaver gets what she wants, and she's going to train her butch sex slave how to behave like a proper sissy! The kink factor in this sassy tale is extremely graphic, including pegging, explicit forced scenes, tonguing, ladiboy orgy, genital cages, rough sex, self-stimulation, m/m, and much much more! In Pegged by Mrs. Pennysaver, has Nathan crossed the line and gotten much more than he bargained for? Adult Audiences Only

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