The Folding Book: A Complete Photo Guide to Make Space and Save Time

Cover Art for 9781631068379, The Folding Book: A Complete Photo Guide to Make Space and Save Time by Janelle Cohen
ISBN: 9781631068379
Publisher: Rock Point
Published: 5 April, 2022
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Saving: Saving: $28.41 or 54%

The Folding Book shows you how to fold your way to an organized home with over 100 expert folds to save space, create attractive drawers and closets, and edit your belongings. Fold your way to an organized home! Home organization professional Janelle Cohen encourages you through this basic organization technique with expertise and humor for a process that is less stressful and more fun. If organizing your home seems like a huge undertaking, leaving you feeling overwhelmed even before you've begun, there is a simple thing you can do to make it manageable: folding. The simple act of folding is great for saving space, creating attractive drawers and shelves, and editing your belongings. In The Folding Book, Janelle guides you through all the folds you could ever imagine and more-including the dreaded fitted sheet-with step-by-step photos and instructions and her helpful tips and tricks. In this visually stunning book, you will learn how to expertly fold over 100 items in all their incarnations: - Clothing and accessories - Infant, toddler, and children's clothing and accessories - Linens and towels (bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen) - Clothing and accessories for travel Along with all the folding techniques, Janelle shares her wisdom on how to easily maintain this organization and create an organization system that will not only make a positive impact on your home but also your life.


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