The Trumpets of Doom

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Cover Art for 9781649600196, The Trumpets of Doom by J.m. MacLeod
ISBN: 9781649600196
Publisher: Ambassador International
Published: 19 July, 2022
Format: Trade Paperback
Language: English
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The highly anticipated Scrarth and Avangar duels are fast-approaching. While the ancient evils of the Ra-amawl forest are behind them, there is much more wickedness that lies ahead.

Contestants Jeda, Spoena, and Artil are under the careful watch of the sinister Hod-ya as the duels draw ever so near. Will Jeda rise to the competition or fall short?

How will the other contestants fare? Will Jeda be tempted to fall prey to evil or will she hold out for the good?

As Bonu and Scrung set out to uncover the Swords of Vedic, they are met with numerous trials and even rescue missions.

With temptations, unexpected treasures, dangerous treks, and a deadly competition in the mix, the stakes are higher than ever before.

Will the trumpets of doom sound?


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