Am I Black Enough For You?: 10 Years On

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Cover Art for 9781761046162, Am I Black Enough For You?: 10 Years On by Anita Heiss
ISBN: 9781761046162
Publisher: Random House Australia
Published: 29 March, 2022
Format: Paperback
Language: English
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The story of an urban-based high achieving Wiradyuri woman working to break down stereotypes and build bridges between black and white Australia. I'm Aboriginal. I'm just not the Aboriginal person a lot of people want or expect me to be. What does it mean to be Aboriginal? Why is Australia so obsessed with notions of identity? Anita Heiss, successful author and passionate campaigner for Aboriginal literacy, sovereignty, health and recognition, was born a member of the Wiradyuri nation of central New South Wales, but was raised in the suburbs of Sydney and educated at the local Catholic school. In this heartfelt and revealing memoir, told in her distinctive, wry style, with large doses of humour, Anita Heiss gives a first-hand account of her experiences as a woman with an Aboriginal mother and Austrian father. Anita explains the development of her activist consciousness, how she has become a happy and healthy cultural disruptor, and the work she undertakes every day to ensure the world she leaves behind will contain more understanding and be more equitable than it is today.


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