Negalyod: The God Network

Cover Art for 9781787734708, Negalyod: The God Network by Vincent Perriot
ISBN: 9781787734708
Publisher: Statix
Published: 10 November, 2020
Format: Illustrated
Language: English
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In a post-apocalyptic far future/alternate world, dinosaurs roam the desolate land, while the last denizens of humanity survive together in technological cities run by a military regime. Jarri, a loner who shepherds a group of dinosaurs, travels to the city when his herd is murdered. There he becomes involved with a rebel group who defy the totalitarian society, and uncovers a conspiracy that reveals the true nature of the world they live in. What he finds will change his life forever... 'Dinotopia meets Mad Max in this extraordinary saga of futuristic human survival on a scorched Earth' — Jeff Spry, SciFi Wire


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