The Phoenicians: Lost Civilizations

Cover Art for 9781789144789, The Phoenicians: Lost Civilizations by Vadim S. Jigoulov
ISBN: 9781789144789
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Published: 11 October, 2021
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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The Phoenicians is a fascinating exploration of this much-mythologized people: their history, artistic heritage and the scope of their maritime and colonising activities in the Mediterranean. Vadim S. Jigoulov describes and analyses various artefacts (epigraphic, numismatic and material remains) and considers how historians have derived information about a people with little surviving literature. This includes a critical look at classical, Near Eastern and biblical primary texts, the relationship between the Phoenician and Punic worlds, Phoenician interactions with the Greeks and others, and the repurposing of Phoenician heritage in modernity. Detailed and engrossing, The Phoenicians casts new light on this most enigmatic of civilizations.


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