Gift Wrap Green: Techniques For Beautiful, Recyclable Gift Wrapping

Cover Art for 9781849946117, Gift Wrap Green: Techniques For Beautiful, Recyclable Gift Wrapping by Camille Wilkinson
ISBN: 9781849946117
Publisher: Batsford - GB
Published: 2 September, 2020
Format: Illustrated
Language: English

The ideal book for learning the tricks of beautiful gift wrapping, from simple bows and neat corners to Japanese fabric wrapping - and all with material that is recyclable, reusable and sustainable. There are a million ways to wrap a present, but there are some key techniques that are good to master, and this handy guide includes easy step-by-step illustrations of these key techniques. The techniques cover wrapping unusual shaped gifts, including bottles, pleated wrapping, paper bag wrapping and wrapping with pockets. Fabric wrapping techniques include Furoshiki, in which a gift bag is created from a pretty scarf, bottle wrapping and tea towel wrapping. Also included is guidance on ribbons, the perfect bow, string, wool, using plants and flowers, and incorporating everyday objects.The innovative book is bursting with ideas and techniques that offer a wonderful mindful creative outlet that will delight friends and family and help save the planet by reducing waste.


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