Revolution: the Making of the Beatles' White Album (The vinyl frontier)

Cover Art for 9781903318553, Revolution: the Making of the Beatles' White Album (The vinyl frontier) by David Quantick
ISBN: 9781903318553
Publisher: MQ Publications Ltd
Published: 26 September, 2002
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Most books about the Beatles reveal the big picture first and ask questions afterward. This book reverses that approach. Revolution takes a fresh and often funny look at the magnificent and sometimes idiotic career path of the Beatles through the prism of one vital album-a record considered by many (including John Lennon) to be the one on which they reached their peak as songwriters. It focuses not just on the intimate recording details and creative process, but on the politics, music, and culture of the era, as well as the band's individual development amid increasing dissolution. In crisp and witty prose, the inside stories behind the making and release of the album are revealed: how the White Album got its look and name; why it included the most experimental track the Beatles ever recorded; how it inspired the bloody massacres of Charles Manson and his "family"; why Ringo Starr walked out on the sessions and who replaced him; the actual identities of "Dear Prudence," "Sexy Sadie," "Martha My Dear," "Julia," and "Bungalow Bill"; on which song Yoko sang lead; which song is about Eric Clapton's teeth; what songs were left off the album; and much more.


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