Do Angels Need Haircuts? 2018: Early Poems by Lou Reed

Cover Art for 9781944860219, Do Angels Need Haircuts? 2018: Early Poems by Lou Reed by Lou Reed
ISBN: 9781944860219
Publisher: Anthology Editions
Published: 10 July, 2018
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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From fronting the Velvet Underground to a long and often controversial solo career, the influence of the late Lou Reed is probably unparalleled in modern music. Now this volume offers an unparalleled insight into his genius, featuring a foreword by Anne Waldman and an afterword by his widow Laurie Anderson. In August of 1970, a 28-year-old Lou Reed quit the Velvet Underground, moved home to Long Island, New York, and embarked on a fascinating alternate creative path: poetry. Do Angels Need Haircuts? is an extraordinary snapshot of this turning point in Reed’s career. Gathering poems, photographs and ephemera from this era (including access to previously unreleased audio of the 1971 St. Mark’s Church reading), this book provides a window to a little-known chapter in the life of one of the most singular and uncompromising voices in American popular culture.


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