Make Her Scream: 101 Sex Positions

101 Sex Positions

Cover Art for 9781974324934, Make Her Scream: 101 Sex Positions by Anastasia Ratajkowski
ISBN: 9781974324934
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 6 August, 2017
Format: Booklet
Language: English
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Want to have more fun in the bedroom? Here you will learn how to take your sex life to a whole new level! This book will introduce you to a whole new world of sex positions that you can bring in to your sex life with your partner. These are the best positions you can add to your life to achieve a better orgasm every time, bringing that passion and spice back in to your relationship. You will learn: - Why not all women enjoy orgasms every time - What can be done to help you achieve an orgasm every time - 101 Proven sex positions and variations that will encourage climax during intercourse - Safety advice the for more advanced positions - Exactly how to perform the positions with your partner, safely and properly- Lots of great tips for him and for her! This book ALSO includes 2 Sex Mastery chapters from the Sex Mastery Series!- Orgasm Mastery: How to Make Her Come- Orgasm Mastery: How to Have a Better OrgasmAmazing value for money - there's NOTHING else on the market for this great price! "It's no secret that having sex is good for you. Sex boosts your mood, enhances your relationships, relieves stress, burns calories and more. But having regular sex doesn't mean you're having good sex" "While plenty of women are having a great time enjoying safe and regular sex, not all of them are reaching climax. Not all women reach orgasm in the same way and not all women will reach orgasm every time they have sex. Some women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm, while others can have clitoral orgasms through direct clitoral stimulation and/ or sexual intercourse. After reading this book you will become an expert in making yourself or your partner reach climax with a series of sex positions ranging from simple positions to advanced and adventurous positions designed to stimulate an orgasm." It's time to turn things around - this book will guide you through 101 exciting new positions and variations to try with your partner to spice things up in the bedroom and teach you how to better achieve orgasm. Put that spark back in your relationship and try something new!

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