New Earrings: 400+ Designs in Contemporary Jewellery

400+ Designs in Contemporary Jewellery

Cover Art for 9788419220516, New Earrings: 400+ Designs in Contemporary Jewellery by NICOLAS ESTRADA
ISBN: 9788419220516
Publisher: Hoaki
Published: 12 March, 2024
Format: Hardcover
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Part of a well-known book series on contemporary art jewelry by jeweler Nicolás Estrada, this completely new edition of New Earrings (not a single peace from the 2013 edition has been included) highlights the work of some of the most exciting and innovative international jewelry artists working today. The more than 550 pieces featured by 198 jewelers from all over the world break away from the traditional notion of jewelry making to stake out new terrain. Theyrepresent a variety of creative approaches and methods, from more traditional to strikingly avant-garde creations, that speak and inspire, embodying all the ingenuity, flair, eloquence, sensitivity and individual freedom of their diverse creators. Some of the earrings are made using unconventional materials like porcelain or plastic while others use classical materials such as gold in ways that provocatively go against the grain of convention, reflecting the artist's personal identity and tastes or containing a subtle commentary on contemporary concerns. Aimed at students, professionals and jewelry lovers, this second edition of the book published in 2013, has a new layout and concludes with a brief description of the careers and web pages of the featured artists. AUTHOR: Jeweller and author Nicolás Estrada(Medellin, 1972) studied artistic jewellery at the Escola Massana in Barcelona.He has trained in many technical areas of jewellery as well as local traditional techniques. His works can be found in galleries around the world from Glasgow to Riga, San Francisco or Barcelona. His pieces are handmade, personal and, transgressive. He is editor of a series of jewellery books published in several languages and distributed worldwide: NewEarrings, New Necklaces, New Brooches and now NewBracelets (Promopress and Hoaki Books). SELLING POINTS: . A stunning collection of 550 pieces by 198 jewellery masters from all over the world. . A showcase of the best earring designs using a great variety of different techniques, materials and styles. . This edition includes new peaces not shown in the previous one.

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