Bodybuilding For Beginners: STRONGER THAN EVER!

Transform Your Body Into A Fighting Machine

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Cover Art for 9789814952132, Bodybuilding For Beginners: STRONGER THAN EVER! by Brent Green
ISBN: 9789814952132
Publisher: JW CHOICES
Published: 31 July, 2021
Format: Paperback / softback
Language: English
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Exercise and diet are equally important factors to building muscle and losing fat, gaining muscle, and staying fit. It is generally touted that diet may even play a larger role in the outcome of your fitness. If you are working out hard and not seeing results, make sure that the things you are eating are unprocessed and have high nutrient values-more specifically, work with a nutritionist to find the macronutrient intake levels that are right for the goal you are trying to reach.

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ How To Set Yourself Up For Success

✓ How Your Diet Affects Your Results

✓ Types of Bodyweight Workouts

✓ Planning a Workout Routine That Works For You

✓ How to Make the Most Out of Your Bodyweight Workouts

✓ How Muscle is Built

✓ How to Breathe During Exercises

✓ Machines or Free Weights?

✓ Putting it all together. How to program a training cycle

Exercises You Will Learn Include:

★ The Classic Push-Up

★ Chair-Dips

★ Diamond Push-Ups

★ Plank

★ Reverse Crunch

★ Mountain Climber

★ The Lunge

★ Squat

★ The Bridge


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