WIN: Achieve Peak Athletic Performance, Optimize Recovery and Become a Champion

Cover Art for 9798464833357, WIN: Achieve Peak Athletic Performance, Optimize Recovery and Become a Champion by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Siim Land, Tristin Kennedy
ISBN: 9798464833357
Publisher: Independently published
Published: 15 December, 2021
Language: English
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Foreword by Ben Greenfield: "WIN is undoubtedly one of the most evidence-based books on athletic performance. It teaches you the underlying pillars to physical development and fitness, such as nutrition, muscle growth, fat loss, body composition optimization, recovery, supplementation and so much more. Not only are there specific protocols that have been formulated in the book, but all the recommendations are backed by a wealth of scientific evidence. This book is suitable for both beginners, as well as advanced athletes, complete science nerds, body builders, the average Joe or Jane wanting to lose an extra few pounds, as well as top tier elite athletes. If I had this information available to me when I was competing, I know that it would have given me a significant advantage. I hope you enjoy WIN as much as I have!" What you will learn and what is covered in WIN How to improve athletic performance How to lose weight How to build muscle Meal plans Recipes How to support the immune system How to improve sleep The most evidence-based supplements And A LOT MORE! Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Train to Win Chapter 2: Hydration and Electrolytes Chapter 3: Peak Alkalosis: Neutralizing Acid to Hit Peak Performance Chapter 4: Hot and Cold Protocols for Improving Performance and Recovery Chapter 5: Optimizing Macros and Food Choices for Performance Chapter 6: Resistance Training and Muscle Growth Chapter 7: Weight Loss Strategies and Rehydration/Refeed Protocols After Weigh Ins Chapter 8: Biohacking Strategies for Improving Athletic Performance and Recovery Chapter 9: Immunity Chapter 10: Supplements for Improving Performance and Recovery Chapter 11: Sleep, Rest and Circadian Rhythms Chapter 12: Recipes and Meal Plans Many books have been written about physical performance, but they all have a different focus. You can find great information on bodybuilding, endurance, or just general weight loss. However, few books tackle the topic in an all-encompassing way. This is what WIN is about - providing a manual for overall sports optimization, that not only covers training but also nutrition, recovery, sleep, supplementation, and biohacking. In this book, you will learn about the science, application, and nuances of achieving any of your fitness goals.


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