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3 editions of Camera Boy by Fred Minnick

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2 editions of Whiskey Women by Fred Minnick

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Mead by Fred Minnick, Tobias Saul, ISBN: 9780762463596
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9780762463596
Publisher: Unknown
Search Rank: 99
Camera Boy by Fred Minnick, ISBN: 2370003279870
Format: Unknown
EAN: 2370003279870
Publisher: Unknown
Search Rank: 96
Rum CuriousThe Indispensable Guide to Tasting the World's ... by Fred Minnick, ISBN: 9780760351734
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780760351734
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Published: Jun, 2017
Search Rank: 95
Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker by Fred Minnick, ISBN: 9781543637014
Format: MP3 CD
ISBN: 9781543637014
Publisher: Audible Studios on Brilliance audio
Published: Aug, 2017
Search Rank: 94
Whiskey Women by Fred Minnick, ISBN: 9781612345659
Format: ePub
ISBN: 9781612345659
Publisher: Potomac Books Inc.
Published: Oct, 2013
Search Rank: 93
Bourbon by Fred Minnick, Sean Brock, ISBN: 9781627889766
Format: ePub
ISBN: 9781627889766
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Published: Aug, 2016
Search Rank: 92
Bourbon Curious by Fred Minnick, ISBN: 9781627887106
Format: ePub
ISBN: 9781627887106
Publisher: Zenith Press
Published: Aug, 2015
Search Rank: 90
Mead: The Libations, Legends, and Lore of History's Oldest Drink by Fred Minnick, ISBN: 9780762463589
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780762463589
Publisher: Hachette
Published: Jun, 2018
Search Rank: 89
Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey by Fred Minnick, ISBN: 9780760351727
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780760351727
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Published: Oct, 2016
Search Rank: 88

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