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The start of a new era for the Fastest Man Alive! In the future, The Flash is a broken man. His powers have failed him time and again at great cost to him and the city he has sworn to protect. Now he's coming back to the current time to stop the one event that destroyed his life. Meanwhile, in the present, Barry Allen must contend with thieves trying to capitalize on the devastation of FOREVER EVIL. It's a tale of two timelines that ushers in one of The New 52's most anticipated character debuts! THE FLASH VOL. 6 begins a brand new era for the Scarlet Speedster, from writer Robert Venditti (GREEN LANTERN), Van Jensen (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) and artist Brett Booth (NIGHTWING, TEEN TITANS). Collects THE FLASH #30-35, THE FLASH ANNUAL #3 and THE FLASH FUTURES END #1.
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Early Slavonic writings have preserved a unique corpus of compositions that develop biblical themes. These extracanonical, parabiblical narratives are known as pseudepigrapha, and they preserve many ancient traditions neglected by the canonical scriptures. They feature tales of paradise and hell, angels and Satan, the antediluvian fathers and biblical patriarchs, kings, and prophets. These writings address diverse questions ranging from artistically presented questions of theology and morals to esoteric subjects such as cosmology, demonology, messianic expectations, and eschatology. Although these Slavonic texts themselves date from a relatively late period, they are translations or reworkings of far earlier texts and traditions, many of them arguably going back to late biblical or early postbiblical times. The material in these works can contribute significantly to a better understanding of the roots of postbiblical mysticism, rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity, ancient and medieval dualistic movements, as well as the beginnings of the Slavonic literary tradition. The volume provides a collection of the minor biblical pseudepigrapha preserved solely in Slavonic; at the same time, it is also the first collection of Slavonic pseudepigrapha translated into a western European language. It includes the original texts, their translations, and commentaries focusing on the history of motifs and based on the study of parallel material in ancient and medieval Jewish and Christian literature. The aim of the volume is to to bridge the gap between the textual study of this corpus and its contextualization in early Jewish, early Christian, rabbinic, Byzantine, and other traditions, as well as to introduce these texts into the interdisciplinary discussion of the intercultural transmission of ideas and motifs.
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Explore the farthest reaches of Antarctica in Mountains of Madness, the second expansion for Eldritch Horror. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's novella, this expansion allows you to trace the path of a doomed expedition and enter the immense City of the Elder Things. What happens in Antarctica has worldwide repercussions as freshly-awakened horrors spread across the globe. Eight investigators offer new roles to play as you confront these chilling, inhuman threats. Numerous additional Assets, Spells, Artifacts and Conditions may help investigators or harm them, and for the first time, Adventures and Prelude cards shape the international struggle against the Ancient Ones. Do you have the strength to survive Antarctica’s frozen wastes, encounter the Mountains of Madness, and stave off the end of human civilization?
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This reader-friendly text presents the essentials of statistics with an applied approach. Author Joseph Healey helps readers develop skills for statistical literacy, emphasizing computational competence and the ability to read social science literature with greater comprehension.
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From New York Times bestselling author Dan Hampton comes one of the most extraordinary untold stories of aviation history Vietnam, 1965: On July 24 a USAF F-4 Phantom jet was suddenly blown from the sky by a revolutionary weapon: a Soviet SA-2 surface-to-air missile (SAM), launched by Russian "advisors" to North Vietnam. Three days later, six F-105 Thunderchiefs were brought down trying to avenge the Phantoms. More tragic losses followed, dramatically turning the tables of Cold War air superiority in favor of Soviet technology. Stunned and desperately searching for answers, the Pentagon ordered a top secret program called Wild Weasel I to find a solution to the SAM problem—fast. So it came to be that a small group of maverick fighter pilots and Electronic Warfare Officers volunteered to fly behind enemy lines and into the teeth of the deadliest anti-aircraft threat in history. To most it seemed a suicide mission—but they beat the door down to join. Those who survived the 50 percent casualty rate would revolutionize warfare forever.
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- The Tackleford gang is back with a new case that demands solving! When Tackleford's derelict barns begin going up in flames, Linton and Sonny are on the case with a moderately mysterious new friend. Paths cross, however, when Lottie and Mildred meet a terrifying yet misunderstood creature living beneath a bridge! Throw in an overly enthusiastic Fire Brigade, a transforming skate ramp, and a new French teacher and you've got the kind of charming genius that can only be found in John Allison's Bad Machinery.
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In his long and distinguished career, Irvin Yalom has pressed his patients and readers to grapple with life's two greatest challenges: that we all must die, and that each of us is responsible for leading a life worth living. In CREATURES OF A DAY, he and his patients confront the difficulty of these challenges. In recounting his patients' dilemmas, Yalom not only gives us an enthralling glimpse into their personal desires and motivations but also tells us his own story as he struggles to reconcile his emotional life with the demands placed on him. With compassion and humility, he prods his patients to explore the anxiety, fear and vulnerability that accompany their thoughts about death. His patients are reticent, confused and frustrating, but also open, insightful and inspiring - from the former CEO struggling to adjust to life in a retirement home, to the young professional dealing with the loss of both of his parents, to the former ballerina realising that her days on the stage are far behind her. Then there is the lonely writer with terminal cancer who spends her last weeks in Yalom's office, looking for someone to shepherd her through cancer's brutal accentuation of all life's 'pleasure and sweetness' even as it sweeps it away. Although these people have come to Yalom seeking relief, recognition or meaning, he and they discover that such things are rarely found in the place where we think to look.As documented through Yalom's masterful storytelling, CREATURES OF A DAY shows that the process of psychotherapy can create some of the most engrossing human dramas imaginable. It provides an intelligent, compassionate, yet still unflinching look at the human soul and all the pain, confusion and hope that go with it. The power of these stories is amplified by Yalom's reflections on his own life as he reckons with its inevitable end. Suffused with humour, great artistry and a profound humanity, CREATURES OF A DAY lays bare the necessary task we each face, each day, to make our own lives meaningful.
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In his introduction to Mongrel Rapture, the first monograph on the polarising work of Australian architectural practice Ashton Raggatt McDougall (ARM), Charles Jencks identifies ARM as one of a handful of architectural practices internationally that operate in a mold he describes as 'Radical Post Modernism'. Eschewing notions of good taste and formal purity, ARM opts instead for an 'architecture of ideas'. Drawing from diverse sources that range across everything from Le Corbusier to Robert Venturi, computer programming to biblical verse, ARM's architecture has been alternately celebrated and execrated by critics and the public alike. Despite ARM's radicalism and the attention it garners, however, the practice has also produced some of the most important public buildings in Australia, including the National Museum of Australia, Canberra (2001), Melbourne Recital Centre and MTC Theatre (2008), and the Perth Arena (2013). Mongrel Rapture combines extensive photography and plans of all of ARM's major buildings with essays from a range of highly regarded critics, including Jencks, Mark C Taylor, Leon van Schaik, Harriet Edquist and others. Part scrapbook, part critical exegesis, like the architecture it documents Mongrel Rapture is both confronting and thought-provoking: a vital publication for anyone with an interest in this practice and Australian architecture's very particular strain of 'Radical Post Modernism'.
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Welcome new series writers straight from the hit TV show Arrow! Ollie is trying to put his life together after the grueling events of 'Broken,' and finds himself back in Seattle on a mission from a mystery woman. Who is she--and what's next for Green Arrow?Collects GREEN ARROW #32-34, GREEN ARROW FUTURES END #1, SECRET ORIGINS #4.
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_Unleashed_, the romantic, high-stakes sequel to _New York Times_ bestselling author Sophie Jordan's _Uninvited_, is perfect for fans of such favorites as James Patterson's _Confessions of a Murder Suspect_. Davy has spent the last few months trying to come to terms with the fact that she tested positive for the kill gene HTS (also known as Homicidal Tendency Syndrome). She swore she would not let it change her, and that her DNA did not define her . . . but then she killed a man. Now on the run, Davy must decide whether she'll be ruled by the kill gene, or if she'll follow her heart and fight for her right to live free. But with her own potential for violence laying right beneath the surface, Davy doesn't even know if she can trust herself.
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We need a global energy revolution. In developed nations we are wasting massive quantities of energy providing heat and light to our homes and businesses while one and a half billion people have no access to electricity at all. The existing central-power-station model is based on old technology that spews carbon, energy, and money straight up the chimney. Energy Revolution shows us how we can change all of this. Telling stories from around the world of the change that’s already happening and drawing on two decades of his own unique experience, Howard Johns demonstrates how we can develop our own renewable-energy projects to provide local energy and create a new fleet of businesses. He shows us how communities can build local energy solutions—renewable-power stations that will be a new form of building society where we come together to develop, finance, and construct the infrastructure that we and future generations so desperately need. Howard Johns explains how to design, set up, and fund community energy systems, citing examples from countries that already have cut the amount of energy they use and supply their needs from renewable energy. These new systems will create new jobs and businesses, reduce energy imports, and create new local-investment models. This handbook contains the map we need to change the system from the bottom up and make the next great leap forward to achieving clean, affordable energy. It covers everything needed to structure your community power company—the technology, site assessment, legal and business planning, fundraising and financial modeling, and putting people at the heart of your strategy. It’s time to take control, re-localize, reduce costs and carbon emissions, and join the energy revolution.
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Fan-favorite creators Kurt Busiek and George Pérez craft a new era for Earth's Mightiest Heroes! The Avengers have always defended humanity against the forces of evil. When duty calls, these legendary champions answer, fighting valiantly until justice prevails. But as the Avengers reform in the wake of a life-changing event, they must face an array of foes like no other: Morgan Le Fay, the Squadron Supreme, the Kree, the Legion of the Unliving, the Thunderbolts, the Wrecking Crew...not to mention facing Kang and Immortus in the Desti ny War! But when the merciless Ultron attacks, wiping out an enti re nation in his hatred for mankind, the Avengers must live up to their name...if they can! COLLECTING: AVENGERS (1998) 1-23, 0, 1 ROUGH CUT; IRON MAN (1998) 7; CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) 8; QUICKSILVER 10; AVENGERS ANNUAL '98, '99; AVENGERS FOREVER 1-12
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Orianna and Violet are ballet dancers and best friends, but when the ballerinas who have been harassing Violet are murdered, Orianna is accused of the crime and sent to a juvenile detention center where she meets Amber and they experience supernatural events linking the girls together.
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Grown-up Meg, tomboyish Jo, timid Beth, and precocious Amy. The four March sisters couldn't be more different. But with their father away at war, and their mother working to support the family, they have to rely on one another.
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Provides a photographic guide to some of the world's most ancient trees, featuring seventy portraits of such species as yews, baobabs, and dragon's blood trees.
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Canus is a Roman dog boy, a slave looking after the general's dog pack. Ursus belongs to the tribe that the Romans have conquered. He hates Romans. The two boys share a love for a wild animal of the forest, but this bond will be tested by the terrible events that are about to unfold. An exciting illustrated story about two boys, an unlikely friendship and a wild wolf.
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On 17 July 1918, four young women walked down twenty-three steps into the cellar of a house in Ekaterinburg. The eldest was twenty-two, the youngest only seventeen. Together with their parents and their thirteen-year-old brother, they were all brutally murdered. Their crime: to be the daughters of the last Tsar and Tsaritsa of 'All the Russias'. In this book, however, biographer Helen Rappaport puts them centre stage and offers readers the most authoritative account yet of the Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia.
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BONUS SECTION – Includes an extensive behinds the scenes section, giving a closer look at the art behind Hyrule Warriors Hardcover Guide – High quality paper and unique cover treatments for collectibility BONUS eGuide – Get access to your guide from any PC or mobile device Unlock It All – Complete breakdowns on how to unlock each character Battle Tactics – Details on how to prepare for each battle
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After reading May Cause Miracles, you can expect incredible transformation in 40 days simply by adding up subtle shifts to create miraculous change. 
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The passive house standard is developing more and more into the international key currency of energy-efficient construction. Passive houses are being erected in almost all parts of the world and for all types of users. "Plus energy" buildings and entire zero-energy districts show that the passive house standard is also a sound basis for advanced efficiency strategies. At the same time, many architects are unsure about the specifics: What do passive houses really deliver, and what errors need to be avoided during planning? The book "Passive House Design" gives readers confidence in dealing with the passive house standard from the very first design draft. It shows how much scope for design there is in passive houses and explains design strategies that lead to better passive buildings. Detailed documentations of both residential and non-residential buildings illustrate how design, construction and building technology combine in passive houses. Chapters on building physics, building services engineering and energy balancing provide the required detailed knowledge for being able to implement your own passive house projects.
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This practical guide to the biblical art of sharing your faith offers refreshing insight into the many ways, spoken and silent, that all Christians can be involved in spreading the good news about Jesus.
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In this addition to the award-winning BECNT series, a respected New Testament scholar offers a substantive evangelical commentary on 2 Corinthians. George Guthrie leads readers through the intricacies of literary structure, word meanings, cultural backdrop, and theological proclamation, offering insights applicable to modern ministry contexts. As with all BECNT volumes, this commentary features the author's detailed interaction with the Greek text; extensive research; thoughtful, chapter-by-chapter exegesis; and an acclaimed, user-friendly design. It admirably achieves the dual aims of the series--academic sophistication with pastoral sensitivity and accessibility--making it a useful tool for pastors, church leaders, students, and teachers.
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This new set of pre-Algebra workbooks gives children the confidence and skills they need for advanced mathematics. Using the celebrated Kumon Method, this book helps to establish strong pre-algebra skills, before moving onto Kumon's more advanced Algebra Workbook series. The topics covered in Pre- Algebra Workbook II include; exponents, order of oeprations, positive and negative number and algebraic expressions.
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<i>Bad Feminist</i> is collection of frank, funny, whip-smart and spot-on essays from one of the most-watched young cultural observers of her generation, Roxane Gay.
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If God is sovereign, how can I be free to choose? But if God is not sovereign, how can he be God? Is it possible to reconcile God's sovereignty with human choice? This is one of the most perplexing theological questions. It's also one of the most personal. In hand in Hand, Randy Alcorn says that the traditional approach to this debate has often diminished our trust in God and his purposes. Instead of making a one-sided argument from select verses, Alcorn examines the question in light of all Scripture. By exploring what the whole Bible says about divine sovereignty and human choice, hand in Hand helps us... · Carefully and honestly examine the different views on this issue · Gain a deeper understanding of God · Appreciate God's design in providing us the freedom of meaningful choice · See the value in better understanding what we cannot fully understand · Learn how to communicate about the issue in clear and compassionate ways · More fully experience the unity Christ intends for his Church A careful guide through Scripture, hand in Hand shows us why God's sovereignty and meaningful human choice work together in a beautiful way. Includes small-group discussion questions.
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Beneath the Big Top is a social history of the circus, from its ancient roots to the rise of the 'modern' tented travelling shows. A performer and founder of a circus group, Steve Ward draws on eye-witness accounts and contemporary interviews to explore the triumphs and disasters of the circus world. He reveals the stories beneath the big top during the golden age of the circus and the lives of circus folk, which were equally colourful outside the ring: \* Pablo Fanque, Britain's first black circus proprietor \* The Chipperfield dynasty, who started out in 1684 on the frozen Thames \* Katie Sandwina, world's strongest woman and part-time crime-fighter \* The Sylvain brothers, who fell in love with the same woman in the ring
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This book is a detailed account of and commentary on Thomas Aquinas's most influential work: the Summa Theologiae. Intended for students and general readers interested in medieval philosophy and theology, the book will also appeal to professors and scholars, although it does not presuppose any previous knowledge of its subject. Following a scholarly account of Aquinas's life, the book explores his purposes in writing the Summa Theologiae and works systematically through each of its three Parts. It also relates their contents and Aquinas's teachings to that of other works and other thinkers both theological and philosophical. In addition to being expository, the volume aims to help readers think about the value of the Summa Theologiae for themselves. The concluding chapter considers the impact Aquinas's best-known work has had since its first appearance, and why it is still studied today. Davies's study is a solid and reflective introduction both to the Summa Theologiae and to Aquinas in general.
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What if our whole life were turned into a game? What sounds like the premise of a science fiction novel is today becoming reality as "gamification." As more and more organizations, practices, products, and services are infused with elements from games and play to make them more engaging, we are witnessing a veritable ludification of culture. Yet while some celebrate gamification as a possible answer to mankind's toughest challenges and others condemn it as a marketing ruse, the question remains: what are the ramifications of this "gameful world"? Can game design energize society and individuals, or will algorithmicincentive systems become our new robot overlords? In this book, more than fifty luminaries from academia and industry examine the key challenges of gamification and the ludification of culture -- including Ian Bogost, John M. Carroll, Bernie DeKoven, Bill Gaver, Jane McGonigal, Frank Lantz, Jesse Schell, Kevin Slavin, McKenzie Wark, and Eric Zimmerman. They outline major disciplinary approaches, including rhetorics, economics, psychology, and aesthetics; tackle issues like exploitation or privacy; and survey main application domains such as health, education, design, sustainability, or social media.
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Offers informative essays and factual statistics on eight distinctive marine animals, each accompanied by video-like Photicular illustrations, as well as an introductory piece chronicling a journey on a submersible.
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Retired teacher Lewis Sullivan always imagined living by the sea.He lives instead in the Midlands village in which he was born. His grown-up daughter visits every day, bringing soup. He does not want soup. He frequents his second-favourite pub, where he can get half a shandy, a speciality sausage and a bit of company.When a childhood friend appears on the scene, Lewis finds his life and comfortable routine shaken up.In Moore’s inimitable, haunting style, this seemingly simple but in fact multi-layered narrative unfolds with compelling assurance. Moving between memories of childhood and Lewis’s current life of cosy habit, plot twists thicken and weave with stealthily increasing tension. Always unexpected, sparely written and beautifully crafted, He Wants deftly dissects the themes of loneliness, anxiety, the weight of recollection and the complex nature of friendship and family ties. A surprising, lingering and intensely moving tale from one of our most exciting novelists.
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A latest collection of works from one of the UK's most acclaimed sci-fi artists includes draft sketches, final pieces and published book covers for novels by such top genre writers as Greg Bear, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
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Oliver Queen thought he had it all figured out. As the heroic archer Green Arrow, he'd finally found a sense of purpose, friends to aid him, even a place on the Justice League of America. But now, he's not even sure where he came from... or who he came from. As Green Arrow discovers that his stranding on a desert island was more than just an accident, there seem to be more sinister forces at work behind all these sudden revelations. The Queen family is embroiled in a war generations old. A war of clans. A war of outsiders. Acclaimed creative team Jeff Lemire (ANIMAL MAN) and Andrea Sorrentino (I, VAMPIRE) take Green Arrow on his most challenging adventure yet. Collects issues #25-31.
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Collects images from HALO, books covers, and personal science fiction pieces with tutorials focusing on specific Photoshop techniques.
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A century ago, Chinese feminists fighting for the emancipation of women helped spark the Republican Revolution, which overthrew the Qing empire. After China's Communist revolution of 1949, Chairman Mao famously proclaimed that "women hold up half the sky." In the early years of the People's Republic, the Communist Party sought to transform gender relations with expansive initiatives such as assigning urban women jobs in the planned economy. Yet those gains are now being eroded in China's post-socialist era. Contrary to many claims made in the mainstream media, women in China have experienced a dramatic rollback of many rights and gains relative to men. Leftover Women debunks the popular myth that women have fared well as a result of post-socialist China's economic reforms and breakneck growth. Laying out the structural discrimination against women in China will speak to broader problems with China's economy, politics, and development.
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McGraw-Hill is revolutionizing the Music Appreciation course by introducing its first personalized digital learning experience with Roger Kamien’s Music: An Appreciation. Using this market-leading instrument that brings great music to the course in more ways than ever before, students are now transformed into active participants in the Music Appreciation space. The result is active listening, active reading, and active learning. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective. It provides tools that make assessment easier, learning more engaging, and studying more efficient.
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Filled with photographs of adorable sparkly animals and easy-to-follow instructions, _Sparkling Crochet_ is your guide to creating your very own super cute amigurumi characters. Inside, crafters of all levels will learn to make dogs, birds, bugs, bears, and more. Crochet a collection of tiny creatures or turn them into charms, brooches, and other accessories. Created with bright, glittery yarn, these lovable animals can be brought to life in a whole new way.
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Thirty feet in the air, rebuilt and planted on one-and-a-half miles of abandoned, elevated railroad track snaking through Manhattans West Side, the High Line has turned the dream of escape offered by most urban parks inside out. On the High Line is an engaging, friend-at-your-side guide to everything that a visitor sees when strolling through the park: the innovative gardens and their thousands of plants from around the world; the architecture, both old and new; and a neighbourhood whose lively history includes the Titanic, the Manhattan Project, S&M clubs and the Tenth Avenue Cowboy. This book captures like no other the countless details that make a walk along the High Line such an unforgettable experience.
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Following his successful Who's Afraid of Postmodernism? leading Christian philosopher James K. A. Smith introduces the philosophical sources behind postliberal theology. Offering a provocative analysis of relativism, Smith provides an introduction to the key voices of pragmatism: Ludwig Wittgenstein, Richard Rorty, and Robert Brandom. Many Christians view relativism as the antithesis of absolute truth and take it to be the antithesis of the gospel. Smith argues that this reaction is a symptom of a deeper theological problem: an inability to honor the contingency and dependence of our creaturehood. Appreciating our created finitude as the condition under which we know (and were made to know) should compel us to appreciate the contingency of our knowledge without sliding into arbitrariness. Saying "It depends" is not the equivalent of saying "It's not true" or "I don't know." It is simply to recognize the conditions of our knowledge as finite, created, social beings. Pragmatism, says Smith, helps us recover a fundamental Christian appreciation of the contingency of creaturehood. This addition to an acclaimed series engages key thinkers in modern philosophy with a view to ministry and addresses the challenge of relativism in a creative, original way.
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By the author of Hidden in Paris, a playful cookbook filled with the kinds of food French people really prepare and eat at home. Includes detailed instructions and mouth-watering photographs of all the recipes in the novel.
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The story of civil engineer Mitchell Hundred, who becomes America's first living, breathing super-hero after a strange accident gives him the power to communicate with machines. Eventually Mitchell tires of risking his life merely to maintain the status quo, retires from masked crime fighting and runs for mayor of New York City, winning by a landslide after the events of 9/11.
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Shares the author's live fire recipes, as well as his experiences cooking in places all over the world, including New York, Garzâon, and Trancosa.
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Explains how anxiety is created in the brain and offers tips and exercises to help overcome it.
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Providing amateur sewers with all the technical know-how and inspiring projects they need to produce a core collection of fabulous garments and homewares, this book and sheet pack features contemporary designs inspired by the hit TV show.
A stunning tribute to New Zealand's state house traditions.
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"Previously uncollected lectures and writings that trace the evolution of the Goddess, from Neolithic Old Europe to the Renaissance, and interpret classical motifs. Offers insight into self-actualization for women. Edited and introduced by the executive director of the Opus Archives and Research Center"--Provided by publisher.
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WHAT EVERY OPTION TRADER NEEDS TO KNOW. THE ONE BOOK EVERY TRADER SHOULD OWN. The bestselling Option Volatility & Pricing has made Sheldon Natenberg a widely recognized authority in the option industry. At firms around the world, the text is often the first book that new professional traders are given to learn the trading strategies and risk management techniques required for success in option markets. Now, in this revised, updated, and expanded second edition, this thirty-year trading professional presents the most comprehensive guide to advanced trading strategies and techniques now in print. Covering a wide range of topics as diverse and exciting as the market itself, this text enables both new and experienced traders to delve in detail into the many aspects of option markets, including: The foundations of option theory Dynamic hedging Volatility and directional trading strategies Risk analysis Position management Stock index futures and options Volatility contracts Clear, concise, and comprehensive, the second edition of Option Volatility & Pricing is sure to be an important addition to every option trader's library--as invaluable as Natenberg's acclaimed seminars at the world's largest derivatives exchanges and trading firms. You'll learn how professional option traders approach the market, including the trading strategies and risk management techniques necessary for success. You'll gain a fuller understanding of how theoretical pricing models work. And, best of all, you'll learn how to apply the principles of option evaluation to create strategies that, given a trader's assessment of market conditions and trends, have the greatest chance of success. Option trading is both a science and an art. This book shows how to apply both to maximum effect.
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We are all guilty of cognitive biases, simple errors we make in day-to-day thinking. But by knowing what they are and how to identify them, we can avoid them and make better choices. The Art of Thinking Clearly shows that in order to lead happier, more prosperous lives, we don't need extra cunning, new ideas, shiny gadgets, or more frantic activity—all we need is less irrationality. Simple, clear, and always surprising, this book will change the way you think and transform your decision making. From why you should not accept a free drink to why you should walk out of a movie you don't like, from why it's so hard to predict the future to why you shouldn't watch the news, The Art of Thinking Clearly helps solve the puzzle of human reasoning.
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David Whish-Wilson's Perth is a place of surprising beauty, of sand-swept peace and brilliant light, yet a place where the deeper historical currents are never too far beneath the surface. Like the Swan River that flows in two directions at once at certain times, with the fresh water flowing seawards above the salty water flowing in beneath it, Perth strikes perfect harmony with the city's contradictions and eccentricities. We look beyond shiny glass facades and boosterish talk of mining booms to the richness of the natural world and the trailblazers, the rebels, the occasional ghost and the ordinary people that bring Australia's remotest city to life.
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Provides patterns and instructions for making a variety of knitted slippers, including moccasins, clogs, and booties.
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An ancient Far Eastern design symbolizing "wholeness," mandalas incorporate a wide variety of repetitive geometrical shapes. Offering hours of meditative coloring, more than 120 elaborate, hypnotic mandala illustrations incorporate organic imagery, kaleidoscopic effects, and more. Perforated pages are printed on one side only for easy removal and display.
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This book focuses on the attempts of three ascetics - John Moschus, Sophronius of Jerusalem, and Maximus Confessor - to determine the Church's power and place during a period of profound crisis, as the eastern Roman empire suffered serious reversals in the face of Persian and then Islamic expansion. By asserting visions which reconciled long-standing intellectual tensions between asceticism and Church, these authors established the framework for their subsequent emergence as Constantinople's most vociferous religious critics, their alliance with the Roman popes, and their radical rejection of imperial interference in matters of the faith. Situated within the broader religious currents of the fourth to seventh centuries, this book throws new light on the nature not only of the holy man in late antiquity, but also of the Byzantine Orthodoxy that would emerge in the Middle Ages, and which is still central to the churches of Greece and Eastern Europe.
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A Tibetan woodcutter dreams of exploring the world, but is too busy with his life to ever leave his valley. After he dies, he is taken on a journey through the cosmos and al the places on Earth as he makes choices that lead him to a new life. First published as part of the debut list fo Barefoot Books in 1993, this gentle and inspiring look at life after death is jut as relevant today.
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The author of Kerplunk! offers a collection of humorous stories on such topics as hunting, fishing, horseback riding and more. 20,000 first printing.
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There was an eighth son of an eighth son. He was, quite naturally, a wizard. And there it should have ended. However (for reasons we'd better not go into), he had seven sons. And then he had an eighth son... a wizard squared... a source of magic... a Sourcerer. Sourcery sees the return of Rincewind and the Luggage as the Discworld faces its greatest - and funniest - challenge yet.
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Are You Ready to Run? Is there a bridge from the injury-ridden world of the modern runner to the promised land that barefoot running and Born to Run have led us to believe exists? Can we really live the running life free from injury? Is there an approach designed to unlock all the athletic potential that may be hidden within? Can we run faster, longer, and more efficiently? In a direct answer to the modern runner’s needs, Dr. Kelly Starrett, author of the bestseller Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance, has focused his revolutionary movement and mobility philosophy on the injury-plagued world of running. Despite the promises of the growing minimalist-shoe industry and a rush of new ideas on how to transform running technique, more than three out of four runners suffer at least one injury per year. Although we may indeed be “Born to Run,” life in the modern world has trashed and undercut dedicated runners wishing to transform their running. The harsh effects of too much sitting and too much time wearing the wrong shoes has left us shackled to lower back problems, chronic knee injuries, and debilitating foot pain. In this book, you will learn the 12 standards that will prepare your body for a lifetime of top-performance running. You won’t just be prepared to run in a minimalist shoe–you’ll be Ready to Run, period. In Ready to Run, you will learn: The 12 performance standards you must work toward and develop on an ongoing basis How to tap into all of your running potential and access a fountain of youth for lifelong running How to turn your weaknesses into strengths How to prevent chronic overuse injuries by building powerful injury-prevention habits into your day How to prepare your body for the demands of changing your running shoes and running technique How to treat pain and swelling with cutting-edge modalities and accelerate your recovery How to equip your home mobility gym A set of mobility exercises for restoring optimal function and range of motion to your joints and tissues How to run faster, run farther, and run better
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'I immersed myself in magic. I read every book I could get my hands on and practised and practised, day after day and night after night. Magic became my world...some might say an obsession.' When you’re a kid life can seem tough; tougher for some than others. But the darkest of times can also be the most enlightening. When his late granddad showed him magic for the first time, Steven Frayne knew there was more to life than hiding from bullies. He had a destiny. A calling. In that moment Dynamo was born: the most exciting magician of the 21st century. Since then, Dynamo has shocked, thrilled and amazed men, women and children, from all walks of life, all over the world. With his mind-blowing illusions, he has catalysed a whole new era of magic. Now, in his very first book, Dynamo invites you to join him on a breathtaking journey across the globe. Be prepared to levitate Lindsay Lohan in Singapore, transform snow into diamonds in the Austrian mountains, and walk on water across the River Thames. Along the way, he reveals how to make the impossible possible, what it takes to pull off the greatest stunts man has seen, and why everyone needs magic in their lives. This is no illusion. This is Dynamo revealed.
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Traces the multi-generational saga of the Whittaker family, whose progenitor makes a fortune in the quinine trade before his daughter, a gifted botanist, researches the mysteries of evolution while falling in love with an artist
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Diagnostic Pathology: Cardiovascular is designed for practicing pathologists, pathologists in training, medical students, and students. This superb reference covers the full breadth of cardiovascular pathology with a focus on practical aspects of diagnosis. Sections address specimens encountered in the settings of biopsy, surgical resection, and autopsy. Topics include myocarditis and cardiomyopathy, grading of transplant rejection, valve disease, atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease, prostheses and implanted devices, vasculitis and vasculopathy as well as neoplasms of the heart and vasculature. Each chapter is thorough but succinct. It also features hundreds of images, including photomicrographs, spectacular gross images, electron micrographs, and vivid medical illustrations. As with all books in the Diagnostic Pathology series, this volume will serve as an essential to any practicing pathologist. FEATURES: · Tables for easy reference and thorough understanding · Specimen handling discussion · Features the classic benefits of all Amirsys® titles, including time-saving bulleted text, Key Facts in each chapter, stunning annotated images, and an extensive index · Amirsys eBook Advantage(tm), an online version of the print book with fully searchable text
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Faded Gatsby glamour and thrilling gothic horror meet in this gorgeously told, terrifying and dreamy YA romance.
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Many of the most controversial moral decisions we face hinge upon competing descriptions of life, and never is this truer than at the beginning of life. James Mumford draws upon phenomenology (a branch of continental philosophy) to question the descriptive adequacy, the essential 'purchase upon reality', of many of the approaches, attitudes and arguments which make up beginning of life ethics today. He argues that many of the most prevalent positions and practices in our late modern culture have simply failed to take into account the reality of human emergence, the particular way that new members of our species first appear in the world. Historically, phenomenologists have been far more interested in death than in birth. Mumford therefore first develops his own phenomenological investigation of human emergence, taking leads and developing approaches from phenomenologists both French and German, both living and dead. In the second half of the book phenomenology is finally applied to ethics, and acute moral questions are divided into two kinds: first those concerning 'what' it is that we are dealing; and, secondly, the more contextual 'where' questions relating to the situation in which the subject is found. Finally, although this book primarily constitutes a philosophical rather than a religious critique of contemporary ethics, with the findings from continental philosophy being brought to bear upon core convictions of English-speaking 'liberal' moral and political philosophers, Mumford concludes by exploring an alternative theological basis for human rights which might fill the vacuum created.
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Anne Shirley settles into the cozy tower room at Windy Poplars and begins a new chapter of her life away from Green Gables as the principal of Summerside High School. Written as a series of letters to her fiance Gilbert Blythe.
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An epic history of the Plantagenet royal dynasty traces its first king's inheritance of a violence-stricken realm through the family's growth of a powerful empire that stretched from Scotland to Jerusalem, citing the enduring influences of such figures as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard II and King John.
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For all undergraduate courses in plant propagation at the two-year and four-year colleges and universities. The world standard for plant propagation and horticulture for over 50 years, Hartmann and Kester's Plant Propagation continues to be the field's most complete, up-to-date text on plant propagation. It now contains color figures throughout, promoting learning and making it an even more useful working text and reference. It also contains extensive updates reflecting the latest commercial techniques and understanding of propagation biology. Like previous editions, it is organized into paired chapters on principles and practices, so it can easily be adapted for teaching courses that cover only practical topics, and for courses that also cover conceptual issues.
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A comprehensive and culturally evocative celebration of the lesser-known foods of the Philippines explains their roles in bridging boundaries and conveying sentiments and provides easy-to-follow recipes for a variety of courses and occasions.
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The Genus Tulipa is the most complete survey of tulip species to date. Each species is illustrated Diana Everett, with accompanying colour photographs of the plants in habitat and distribution maps. The high level of detail provided in this book makes identification possible for the many species of tulips. Additional material includes check lists of tulip species and their synonyms, as well as country by country check list; glossary with diagrams; information on nurseries selling tulips; and full bibliography.
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Pictura is a stunning range of black-and-white artworks to collect and colour, presented as eight panels of concertina card.
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Lion and Mouse are friends - but as everyone knows, Lion is bigger, stronger and more handsome! Not even Lion is perfect though, and when he comes face-to-face with his biggest fear, he realizes he needs his small friend more than he thought.
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"Math, Better Explained" is a clear, intuitive guide to math topics essential for high school, college and beyond. Whether you're a student, parent, or teacher, this book is your key to unlocking the aha! moments that make math truly click -- and make learning enjoyable. The book intentionally avoids mindless definitions and focuses on building a deep, natural intuition so you can integrate the ideas into your everyday thinking. Its explanations on the natural logarithm, imaginary numbers, exponents and the Pythagorean Theorem are among the most-visited in the world. The topics in Math, Better Explained include: 1. Developing Math Intuition 2. The Pythagorean Theorem 3. Pythagorean Distance 4. Radians and Degrees 5. Imaginary Numbers 6. Complex Arithmetic 7. Exponential Functions & e 8. The Natural Logarithm (ln) 9. Interest Rates 10. Understanding Exponents 11. Euler's Formula 12. Introduction To Calculus The book is written as the author wishes math was taught: with a friendly attitude, vivid illustrations and a focus on true understanding. Learn right, not rote! Selected testimonials: "I have several books on calculus (Calculus for Dummys, Math for the Millions, etc. etc. - never was able to read them) but your explanation is what I have needed all these years." - D. Hogg, Former Principal "This is a great explanation! I am 49 years old and have never known what e is all about. It is thanks to your article that I get it and now can explain it to my son who is 13 years old..." - C. Dhaveji "I've been following you for nearly two years...I find the intuitive approach to the subject and lucid writing unparalleled." - D. Ezell
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Rejecting the advice of the world, J. I. Packer calls seniors to press on with endurance in the final years of their lives and encourages them to finish strong for the sake of God's glory and their joy.
The Cross-Country Train Adventure Game by Alan R. Moon.
$30.95 Bookware $36.08 Boomerang Books $45.95 Readings $47.50 Booktopia $47.50 Angus & Robertson Bookworld
As butterflies ominously proliferate into town, the rumour of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school spreads among the children. When the body of Ari Kimura's mother is found by this tunnel's entrance, next to apparently human traces, the legend seems to be confirmed. Is the end of the world coming? In order to appease the wrath of the beast, the children decide to offer it a sacrifice: The unfortunate Ari, whom they believe to be the cause of the curse, is shoved into a well that leads to the Nijigahara tunnel.
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The quintessential novel of the Lost Generation, The Sun Also Rises is one of Ernest Hemingway's masterpieces and a classic example of his spare but powerful writing style. A poignant look at the disillusionment and angst of the post-World War One generation, the novel introduces two of Hemingway's most unforgettable characters: Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley. The story follows the flamboyant Brett and the hapless Jake as they journey from the wild nightlife of 1920s Paris to the brutal bullfighting rings of Spain with a motley group of expatriates. First published in 1926, The Sun Also Rises helped establish Hemingway as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. With an introduction by Philipp Meyer, author of The Son.
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In a book drawn from five years of rigorous research, husband-and-wife scientists, explain how anyone can regain health and lose weight by optimizing nutrition, detoxifying the diet and supporting healthy immune function.
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With an introduction by film maker and Rennie contemporary Paul Cox and an essay by academic Susan Van Wyk, Decade highlights Ellis as one of Australia's most important chroniclers of the 1970s. The photographs, predominantly black and white, are drawn from a core selection originally made by Rennie from his own unpublished book, supplemented by other significant and iconic images from 1970 to 1980 drawn from the Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive and the State Library of Victoria Rennie Ellis collection. Many of the photographs are accompanied by extended captions written by Rennie himself, published here for the first time. Decade explores the cultures and sub-cultures of the seventies: the political upheavals, alternative lifestyles and counter culture, the women's movement, gay liberation, the new religions and cults, pop festivals, Vietnam and other protests, massage parlours, the disco scene, the blossoming of Australia's film industry, the new sexual freedom, Aboriginal rights, street festivals, the new theatre, fashion, drugs and the emergence of a decadent and hedonistic society that would later characterise the 1980s.
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Renowned for her 'Sweet Greek' produce shop, Kathy Tsaples now shares her favourite recipes learned in her mothers kitchen, in this beautifully produced book. The book is themed around the traditional Greek holidays such as Lent, Easter, Name Day, and so on, each with accompanying recipes for a feast. But as Kathy points out, each recipe can be used at any time and every time family and friends get together is an occasion for a feast. Kathy's story is also inspirational…After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she quit her profession to pursue her dream of cooking and opening a shop to offer the best of authentic Greek cuisine. Thousands of Melburnians are glad she did! The recipes are about celebrating life: taking traditional food, cooking it today and passing it on to new generations. The book features stunning food styling and photography. A fantastic Mother's Day book!
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The moments that it took Gavrilo Princip to step forward to the stalled car and shoot dead Franz Ferdinand and his wife were perhaps the most fateful of the modern era. An act of terrorism of staggering efficiency, it fulfilled its every aim: it would liberate Bosnia from Habsburg rule and it created a powerful new Serbia, but it also brought down four great empires, killed millions of men and destroyed a civilization. What made a seemingly prosperous and complacent Europe so vulnerable to the impact of this assassination? In The Sleepwalkers Christopher Clark retells the story of the outbreak of the First World War and its causes. Above all, it shows how the failure to understand the seriousness of the chaotic, near genocidal fighting in the Balkans would drag Europe into catastrophe. 'A masterpiece.' Harold Evans, The New York Times Book Review 'The best book I have read this year, or indeed for several years.' Simon Heffer, New Statesman, Book of the Year 'It is hard to believe we will ever see a better narrative of what was perhaps the biggest collective blunder in the history of international relations.' Niall Ferguson 'The arguments [Clark] sets out in this quite superb account of the causes of the First World War are so compelling that they effectively consign the old historical consensus to the bin . . . A masterpiece. It's not often that one has the privilege of reading a book that reforges our understanding of one of the seminal events of world history.' Simon Griffith, Daily Mail 'There will be many books on the first world war as the 100th anniversary draws near, but few as illuminating as this one.' Tony Barber, Financial Times, Books of the Year 'Impeccably researched, provocatively argued and elegantly written . . . for Clark, the statesmen of 1914 were 'sleepwalkers, watchful but unseeing, haunted by dreams, yet blind to the reality of the horror they were about to bring into the world'.' Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times, Books of the Year 'Brilliant . . . Clark changes the balance between the great power dissension and the disputes on Europe's fault line, the Balkans, by placing them centre stage.' The Times Higher Education
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"First published in Japan in 2010 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo, as Sankarea, volume 1"--Colophon.
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With Expansion Packs for X-Wing, you can bring exciting new strategic options to your fight for the fate of the galaxy! Imperial players can add a lethal starfighter to their X-Wing squadrons with the Star Wars X-Wing Tie Interceptor Expansion Pack. The finest mass-produced starfighter of its time, the TIE Interceptor excels at dogfighting thanks to its heightened maneuverability, increased speed, and four wing-mounted laser cannons. With its detailed miniature, two upgrades, and six skillful new pilots that include the renowned Soontir Fel, the TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack creates exciting opportunities for all Imperial X-Wing players! This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play. Age 14+ Players 2 Play Time: 20+ Mins
$31.79 Amazon US $32.99 Fishpond $33.15 Deep Discount $38.26 Amazon UK $46.97 Barnes & Noble
Take a walk on the mild side with bachelor brothers Dagget and Norbert, as they strike out on their own in the classic Nickelodeon show the Angry Beavers. These boys like to party hard and play all day, that is, until sleep deprivation drives them mad! Meet up with friends Stump (an actual tree stump), Barry Bear (he has a fear of clowns), Treeflower (the love of Norbert's life), and more. You're going to laugh (definitely), cry (maybe), and have a good old' time when you see how these normally
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Sawyer Vincent is still heartbroken over his breakup with Ashton Grey - made worse because he lost her to his brother - but Lana McDaniel thinks she might just have a cure. Lana's lived in her cousin Ashton's shadow all her life, but now she's taking the lead and is determined to make Sawyer her man. But can she be sure that Sawyer's not just using her to get back at Ashton? And what if Sawyer sees through her sexy version of herself and discovers the shy, geeky girl she used to be? THE VINCENT BROTHERS picks up where THE VINCENT BOYS left off - with twice the fun, twice the excitement and twice the sexy.
$30.99 QBD $38.49 Koorong $38.93 Amazon UK $50.17 Biblio $50.96 Better World Books
The Bible says that Satan is crafty and subtle, and it warns us to be wary of his "wiles." In order to be ready for this adversary, we must be knowledgeable of his methods and tactics. In this extremely rare Puritan reprint, William Spurstowe tells us of the great ability of Satan to tempt us, enumerates his wiles, and then provides antidotes against his deceptions. An enemy as powerful and as potentially harmful as this one requires all the preparation we can make. Book jacket.
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Looks at how the magical city of Paris, France, changed the lives and outlooks of three notable American women. By the author of The Collaborator: The Trial & Execution of Robert Brasillach.
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Australian Political Institutions 10e introduces students to the structure and organisation of the institutions and functions of government in Australia, with reference to contemporary issues and debates. A lot has changed in recent times in the Australian political environment. Finally there is a text that incorporates all these important changes. As an introduction to the principles of political science the text provides an analysis of key issues in the Australian political system in a clear and concise manner. This new tenth edition retains its core focus on the Australian political system but also includes expanded comparative analysis of the similarities and differences in the structure and operation of political institutions in other countries which students can use to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the Australian political system and whether it could be improved.
$11.62 Book Depository $11.75 Wordery $11.82 AbeBooks $12.80 Bookfari $12.97 eBay
The Infinite Sea is the hugely anticipated follow-up to the phenomenal - and bestselling - The 5th Wave by Carnegie-shortlisted Rick Yancey. 'Remarkable, not-to-be-missed-under-any-circumstances . . . JUST READ IT' Entertainment WeeklyTHE 1st WAVE: Took out half a million people.THE 2nd WAVE: Put that number to shame.THE 3rd WAVE: Lasted a little longer. Twelve weeks . . . Four billion dead.IN THE 4th WAVE: You can't trust that people are still people.AND THE 5th WAVE? Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible. Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world, a world in which the fundamental trust that binds us together is gone. As the 5th Wave rolls across the landscape, Cassie, Ben, and Ringer are forced to confront the Others' ultimate goal: the extermination of the human race.Cassie and her friends haven't seen the depths to which the Others will sink, nor have the Others seen the heights to which humanity will rise, in the ultimate battle between life and death, hope and despair, love and 'This gut-wrenching sequel to The 5th Wave careens on a violent course of non-stop action.' Publishers Weekly, starred reviewPraise for The 5th Wave:'WILDLY ENTERTAINING... I couldn't turn the pages fast enough' Justin Cronin, The New York Times Book Review'The next HIT' Daily Mail'Nothing short of AMAZING' Kirkus (starred review)'CHILLING' Sun'The pace is RELENTLESS' Heat'A modern sci-fi MASTERPIECE...' USA Today'ACTION-PACKED''This book's SCARY!' Teen Now (5 starred review)'This is DAMN and WOW territory. Quite simply, one of the best books I've read in years.' Melissa Marr, New York Times bestselling author.'...a twisty survival story that borrows elements from romance, horror and dystopian fiction' Wall Street Journal'Breathtakingly fast-paced and original, The 5th Wave is a reading tsunami that grabs hold and won't let go.' Melissa De La Cruz, New York Times bestselling author of the Blue Bloods series.'An epic sci-fi adventure about a terrifying alien invasion. You'll read it in one sitting' Bookseller'Heartfelt, violent, paranoid epic, filled with big heroics and bigger surprises . . . a sure thing for reviewers and readers alike.' Booklist (starred review)'A gripping SF trilogy about an Earth decimated by an alien invasion... the question of what it means to be human is at the forefront' Publishers WeeklyAbout the author:Rick Yancey ( is the author of several adult novels and the memoir Confessions of a Tax Collector. His first young-adult novel, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, was a finalist for the Carnegie Medal. In 2010, his novel, The Monstrumologist, received Michael L. Printz Honor, and the sequel, The Curse of the Wendigo, was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.
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Felix and Zelda have escaped the death camp train, but where do they go now? They're two runaway kids in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II and the Holocaust. Danger lies at every turn of the road. With the help of a woman named Genia and their active imaginations, Felix and Zelda find a new home and begin to heal, forming a new family together. But can it last? Morris Gleitzman's winning characters will tug at readers' hearts as they struggle to survive in the harsh political climate of Poland in 1942. Their lives are difficult, but they always remember what matters: family, love, and hope.
$30.30 AbeBooks $30.96 Book Depository $31.67 Wordery $32.13 eBay $35.68 The Nile AU
"Thought-provoking and charming."-- "Library Journal" Not all Great Masters of Wisdom are venerable graybeards. One is as familiar to us as that beloved teddy bear Winnie the Pooh. From the "how" of Pooh to the Tao of Pooh is a simple, effortless, joyous step...a delicious journey to Pooh Corner illuminated by the timeless teachings of the Taoist immortals.
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You've seen it all before. A malicious online rumor costs a company millions. A political sideshow derails the national news cycle and destroys a candidate. Some product or celebrity zooms from total obscurity to viral sensation.
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Terry Pratchett’s fantasy classic <em>Wyrd Sisters</em>, a novel in the Discworld series, is the story of Granny Weatherwax, the most highly regarded non-leader a coven of non-social witches could ever have. Generally, these loners don't get involved in anything, mush less royal intrigue. but then there are those times they can't help it. As Granny Weatherwax is about to discover, though, it's a lot harder to stir up trouble in the castle than some theatrical types would have you think. Even when you've got a few unexpected spells up your sleeve. Granny Weatherwax teams with two other witches — Nanny Ogg and Margat Garlick - as an unlikely alliance to save a prince and restore him to the throne of Lancre, in a tale that borrows — or is it parodies — some of William Shakespeare's best-loved works. Book Description Meet Granny Weatherwax, the most highly regarded non-leader a coven of non-social witches could ever have. Generally,these loners don't get involved in anything, much less royal intrigue. But then there are those times they can't help it. As Granny Weatherwax is about to discover, though,it's a lot harder to stir up trouble in the castle than some theatrical types would haveyou think. Even when you've got a few unexpected spells up your sleeve.
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Junot Diaz's new collection, This Is How You Lose Her, is a collection of linked narratives about love - passionate love, illicit love, dying love, maternal love - told through the lives of New Jersey Dominicans, as they struggle to find a point where their two worlds meet. In prose that is endlessly energetic and inventive, tender and funny, it lays bare the infinite longing and inevitable weaknesses of the human heart. Most of all, these stories remind us that the habit of passion always triumphs over experience and that 'love, when it hits us for real, has a half-life of forever.'
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In 'Bowerbird', Sibella Court reveals her very personal and surprising approach to collecting and collections. She shows how to procure the elements of a collection, how to organise and store them, and how to display them in creative and everchanging ways.