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Cover Art for 9780141019703, Cook with Jamie by Jamie Oliver
My Guide To Making You A Better Cook
Cover Art for 9780811870412, Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson
Cover Art for 9781607742739, Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish
The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza
Cover Art for 9781846014116, The Classic Cocktail Bible by Spruce Spruce
Cover Art for 9780297868934, Rachel Khoo's Muesli and Granola by Rachel Khoo
Cover Art for 9781743530405, Community by Hetty McKinnon
Salad Recipes from Arthur Street Kitchen
Cover Art for 9780062305640, Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver
Cover Art for 9781611802382, Sourdough by Sarah Owens
108 Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads, Sweets, Savories, and More
Cover Art for 9780692391631, Sourdough Secrets... Revealed! by Ray Templeton
From Making the Starter to Sourdough Success
Cover Art for 9781849757041, How To Make Sourdough by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou
Cover Art for 9781623366346, Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck by Thug Kitchen
Cover Art for 9781604336696, Finishing Touches: The Art of Garnishing the Cocktail by Leeann Lavin
Cover Art for 9780718183653, Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook by Jamie Oliver
Cover Art for 9780847859283, Chocolat by Pierre Marcolini
From the Cocoa Bean to the Chocolate Bar
Cover Art for 9780947163167, The Vegetarian KitchenKitchen Cookbooks by
Cover Art for 9781250146267, Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook by Jamie Oliver
Cover Art for 9780857833662, The Sourdough School by Vanessa Kimbell
The ground-breaking guide to making gut-friendly bread
Cover Art for 9781624144295, Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Emilie Raffa
A Beginner's Guide & Beyond to Delicious Handcrafted Bread with Minimal Kneading
Cover Art for 9781452164151, Platters and Boards by Shelly Westerhausen
Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion
Cover Art for 9780241348994, Nadiya's Family Favourites by Nadiya Hussain
Cover Art for 9780857834485, Planted: A chef's show-stopping vegan recipes by Chantelle Nicholson
Cover Art for 9781785031168, Ottolenghi Simple by Yotam Ottolenghi
Cover Art for 9780718188917, The Little Swedish Kitchen by Rachel Khoo
Over 100 Recipes to Celebrate Every Season
Cover Art for 9780718187736, Jamie Cooks Italy by Jamie Oliver
From the Heart of the Italian Kitchen
Cover Art for 9781788790253, ScandiKitchen Christmas: Recipes and traditions from Scandinavia by Bronte Aurell
Cover Art for 9780143788485, The Cook's Apprentice by Stephanie Alexander
Tips, Techniques and Recipes for New Foodies
Cover Art for 9781743794647, The Ultimate Book of Party FoodMaster The Art of Entertaining by Melanie Dupuis
Cover Art for 9781743794784, Chefs Host Christmas Too by Darren Purchese
A cook's guide to blitzing the holiday season
Cover Art for 9781925640892, Flour and Stone by Nadine Ingram
Baked for Love, Life and Happiness
Cover Art for 9781784881641, Salad Feasts: How to assemble the perfect meals by Jessica Elliott Dennison
Cover Art for 9781784881856, Vegetarian Party Food by Jessica Oldfield
Delectable vegetable-forward bites for entertaining (Ready to Eat)
Cover Art for 9781945256738, Vegetables Illustrated by America's Test Kitchen
An Inspiring Guide with 700+ Kitchen-Tested Recipes
Cover Art for 9780399580475, Eat. Cook. L.A. by Aleksandra Crapanzano
Recipes from the City of Angels
Cover Art for 9781460751671, Now for Something Sweet by Monday Morning Cooking Club
Cover Art for 9781389051487, Simply Lebanese by Ghada Basma
30 Recipes from the Heart of Lebanon
Cover Art for 9780399582530, Batch Cocktails by Maggie Hoffman
Make-Ahead Pitcher Drinks for Every Occasion
Cover Art for 9781524760151, The Salt & Straw Ice Cream Cookbook by Tyler Malek
Cover Art for 9780147531001, Modern Lunch by Allison Day
+100 Recipes for Assembling the New Midday Meal
Cover Art for 9781460757802, Donna Hay Untitled Christmas Book 2018 by Donna Hay
Cover Art for 9781788790772, Tapas and Other Spanish Plates to Share by Ryland Peters & Small
Cover Art for 9781984823199, Well+Good Cookbook by Alexia Brue, Melisse Gelula
100 Healthy Recipes + Expert Advice for Better Living
Cover Art for 9780714878225, The Garden Chef: Recipes and Stories from Plant to Plate by Phaidon Editors
Cover Art for 9781624148118, Cork and Knife by Emily Clifton
Build Complex Flavors with Bourbon, Wine, Beer and More
Cover Art for 9780714878041, Breakfast: The Cookbook by Emily Elyse Miller
Cover Art for 9781452169323, Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables by Abra Berens
Cover Art for 9780525573272, Healthier Together by Liz Moody
Recipes for Two - Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Relationships
Cover Art for 9781529010336, Antoni in the Kitchen by Antoni Porowski
Cover Art for 9781787134072, Scandi Bites by Trine Hahnemann
60 recipes for sweet treats, party food and other little Scandinavian snacks
Cover Art for 9780525533450, Sababa: The Fresh, Sunny Flavors of Israeli Cuisine by Adeena Sussman
Cover Art for 9781787132603, Cocoa: An exploration of chocolate, with recipes by Sue Quinn
Cover Art for 9781452180731, 100 Cookies by Sarah Kieffer
Here is a cookbook of perfect weeknight baking projects from celebrated blogger Sarah Kieffer - inventor of the viral 'bang the pan' technique - with 100 delicious cookies organised by type into 8 chapters. Cookies range from classics like chocolate chip to fruity bars and brownies. The recipes, headnotes, and tips feature Kieffer’s thoughtful innovations on techniques and ingredients. The photography, also by Kieffer and shot in her warm, homey style, shows every cookie, as well as step-by-step techniques where appropriate.
Cover Art for 9780857836342, Asian Green: Everyday plant-based recipes inspired by the East by Ching-He Huang
'Ching's recipes are not only deliciously healthy but easy enough for anyone to have a go at and enjoy.' Tom Kerridge Asia has always had an abundance of delicious recipes that are traditionally meat and dairy free. Here, Ching-He Huang draws inspiration from across the continent to create simple, healthy home cooking that everyone can enjoy. From Nourishing Soups to Fast & Furious and Warm & Comforting, each chapter features fresh and vibrant plant-based dishes that are both nutritious and packed with flavour, including Wok-fried Orange-Soy Sticky Sprouts & Wild Rice Salad, Peking Mushroom Pancakes, Smoked Tofu & Broccoli Korean-style Ram-don, and Chinese Black Bean Seitan Tacos. Ching also shows you how to make your own seitan and tofu as well as sharing expert tips and tricks for successful wok cooking.
Cover Art for 9781787135826, Christmas with Kim-Joy: A Festive Collection of Edible Cuteness by Kim Joy
Kim-Joy's baked creations have charmed fans since she was in the final of the Great British Bake Off 2018. Following on from her bestselling debut book, Baking with Kim-Joy, she's turning to everyone's favourite time of year idash; Christmas! Sharing her simple decorating techniques and her delicious flavour combinations, Kim-Joy will delight novice and seasoned bakers with ddash; amongst many others rdash; her melted snowman cake pops, white chocolate igloos with marshmallow seals, penguin bao buns and incredible inspiration for designing your own magical gingerbread village. Whether you're after ideas for edible Christmas gifts or bigger bakes to feed friends and family, you'll find a treasure trove of adorable recipes here that will melt everyone's heart. Christmas 2020 is officially set to be the sweetest Christmas on record!
Cover Art for 9780141019703, Cook with Jamie by Jamie Oliver
With this ultimate kitchen companion you can be a student of Jamie's in your own home. Learn the skills that the trainees at Jamie's Fifteen restaurant learn during their first year, from basic techniques to advice on ingredients and how to put dishes together. The 100 new recipes range from the very simple to those that appear on the menu at Fifteen. It's a celebration of learning, seasonality and...
Cover Art for 9780718181239, Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver
<p>This is the most personal book I've ever written, and in order to write it I've been on a complete journey through the world of health and nutrition. Now, using the thing I know best—incredible food—my wish is that this book will inspire and empower you to live the healthiest, happiest, most productive life you can. Food is there to be enjoyed, shared, and celebrated, and healthy, nourishing food should be colorful, delicious, and fun. This book is full of well-rounded, balanced recipes that will fill you up and tickle your taste buds, and because I've done all the hard work on the nutrition front, you can be sure that every choice is a good choice. If you pick up just a handful of ideas from this book, it will change the way you think about food, arming you with the knowledge to get it right on the food front, most of the time.</p><p>Love, Jamie xxx</p>
Cover Art for 9780718187736, Jamie Cooks Italy by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Cooks Italy

From the Heart of the Italian Kitchen

Jamie has travelled around Italy to find the best of fast and slow cooking, Italian style. Enjoy the worlds favourite cuisine in your kitchen at home with Jamie's tried and trusted recipes.Jamie Cooks Italy is a celebration of the joy of Italian food. Jamie wants to share his love of all things Italian with accessible, best-ever recipes for Classic Carbonara, Salina Chicken, Stuffed Focaccia, Baked Risotto Pie, Pot-Roasted Cauliflower and Limoncello Tiramisu. This is about bringing the pleasure and passion of the world's favourite cuisine to your kitchen at home. Featuring 130 recipes in Jamie's easy-to-follow style, the book has chapters on Antipasti, Salad, Soup, Meat, Pasta, Fish, Rice & Dumplings, Bread & Pastry, Sides, Desserts and all the Basics you need.The recipes are a mix of fast and slow cooking, familiar classics with a Jamie twist, simple everyday dishes and more indulgent labour-of-love choices for weekends and celebrations. Whether cooking for yourself or cooking for friends and family, the aromas and tastes will transport you straight to the landscapes of Italy. Viva Italia!
Cover Art for 9780718186920, Jamie's Christmas Cookbook by Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook is packed with all the classics you need for the big day and beyond, as well as loads of delicious recipes for edible gifts, party food and new ways to love those leftovers. It's everything you need for the best Christmas ever.Chapters:Introduction Smart StartersThe Main EventVeggie and Vegan Plates The Wonderful World of Potatoes Scrumptious Vegetables Gravy, Sauces and all the TrimmingsIncredible Leftovers Spectacular Festive Puddings Afternoon Tea and Sweet Treats Cute Edible GiftsSuper-Fantastic Salads Dips, Bites and Handheld Nibbles Perfect Christmas Drinks Guide To Roasting Meat Inside you'll find all the classics as well as tasty alternatives, including: salmon pate, apple and squash soup; roast turkey, goose and venison; nut roast and baked squash; best roasties, baked mash, parsnips, glazed carrots, four ways to do sprouts; gravies and cranberry sauce, meat and vegetarian stuffings; turkey risotto; Christmas pud, trifles, pavlova; chocolate logs, Christmas cake, mince pies, gingerbread, baked camembert, smoked salmon bilinis, hot buttered rum and many, many more delicious recipes."I've got all the bases covered with everything you need for the big day and any feasting meals over the festive period, as well as party fare, edible gifts, teatime treats, cocktails and of course, exciting ways to embrace and celebrate those leftovers. You'll also find all the deeply important technical info you need, such as cooking charts, and wherever possible, I've designed the recipes to be cooked at the same oven temperature, so you can be efficient with time and oven space, and it'll be super-easy for you to mix and match the different elements and build your own perfect Christmas meal.I haven't held back. This book is the greatest hits, all wrapped up in one Christmas parcel, and I hope you have fun looking through, picking your recipes, and building your own plan." Jamie Oliver
Cover Art for 9780718147709, Jamie's Italy by Jamie Oliver
AUTHENTIC ITALY DELICIOUS ITALY JAMIE'S ITALY Italy has inspired Jamie Oliver throughout his career. His ambition has always been to travel across the country on a quest to capture the very essence of Italian cooking - and to produce the best and simplest Italian cookbook for everybody to enjoy. Jamie's Italy is a result of that journey - and it's a land of plenty. With more than 120 brand-new recipes for everything from risotto to roasts and spaghetti to stews, and structured like a traditional trattoria menu, Jamie's Italy takes you all over Italy to cook with and learn from the real masters of Italian cuisine: the locals. Far from the standard 'lemons and olives' version of Italian cooking, it is a cookbook by the people for the people. From Sicily to Tuscany, it's about the local fishermen, family bakers and, of course, the 'Mamas', sharing their recipes and the tips that have gone into their cooking for generations. But it's not only mouth-watering food that Jamie brings back home: it's also the spirit that makes cooking and eating absolutely central to family life whichever part of Italy you're in. Bursting with the warmth and hospitality of real family life, this is both a superbly accessible cookbook and a unique travelogue and diary, in which you'll find the authentic flavour of Italy and the people who live there. If you love quality food prepared with genuine passion - you'll never want to leave Jamie's Italy.
Cover Art for 9781681880662, Salad of the Day (Revised): 365 Recipes for Every Day of the Year by Georgeanne Brennan
This enticing collection of 365 recipes offers a salad for each day of the year. From January to December, you'll find daily inspiration and a seasonal salad to satisfy any craving or suit any occasion. From light salads featuring spring vegetables and herbs to garden-fresh greens mixed with summer's bounty, autumn roots tossed with hearty grains to aromatic winter noodle salads--plus protein-packed main-dish salads for any day of the year--a delicious option awaits, With this cookbook as your guide, discover a salad to match each season's ingredients. Vibrant, fresh, and extremely versatile, salads are the ultimate expression of the changing seasons—and make a fantastic meal or accompaniment any day of the year. Capture the essence of spring with a pasta salad featuring sugar snap peas and slender asparagus, or a seared salmon salad with pea shoots and watercress. Savor the flavors of summer with juicy ripe tomatoes and sweet corn kernels tossed with piquant blue cheese, or grilled summer squash on a bed of herbed rice. In autumn, enjoy a warm wild mushroom salad dressed in bacon vinaigrette, or tender chicken salad with crisp apples and toasted walnuts. During the winter, pair bright citrus fruits with skirt steak and peppery arugula, or earthy roasted beets and soft farmer cheese. Williams-Sonoma Salad of the Day presents an enticing collection of 365 recipes: one for each day of the year. Colorful calendars at the beginning of each chapter provide an at-a-glance view of the dishes best suited for the ingredients, occasions, and overall spirit of the month. From January to December, you'll find a salad that will satisfy any craving and suit any menu, from light lunch or starter salads to protein-rich main-dish salads to slaws and potato or grain salads perfect for picnics and side dishes. Notes accompanying each recipe offer ideas for ingredient variations, garnishes, and other helpful tips. With this comprehensive book as your guide and the garden's bounty as your inspiration, you'll be prepared to craft the perfect salad for any occasion. Full-color photographs enhance many of the recipes inside to give you a preview of what awaits. You'll be amazed at the wide range of dishes from which to choose—just open this book, check the calendar, and discover an exciting new salad to try.
Cover Art for 9781984823571, The New Craft of the Cocktail by Dale DeGroff

The New Craft of the Cocktail

Everything You Need to Know to Think Like a Master Mixologist, with 500 Recipes

The Craft of the Cocktail was the first real cookbook for cocktails when it first published in 2002, and it has had a remarkable influence on bartending. With this new edition, the original gets a delicious update, bringing expertise from Dale DeGroff, the father of craft cocktails, to the modern bar for a new generation of cocktail enthusiasts. The beloved histories, culture, tips, and tricks are back but all are newly revised, and DeGroff's favorite liquor recommendations are included so you know which gin or bourbon will mix just right.
Cover Art for 9780718187767, Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone by Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is back with brilliantly easy, healthy, flavour-packed, accessible and affordable veg recipes. A real explosion of colour, taste and variety, he wants to get the nation switched on to just how tasty and comforting veggie meals can be, leaving people feeling full, satisfied and happy - and not missing meat from their plate. Whether it's embracing a meat-free day or two each week, living a vegetarian lifestyle, or just wanting to try some brilliant new flavour combinations, this book ticks all the boxes. Sharing simple tips and tricks that will excite the taste buds, and help keep people's brains and mouths engaged, this book will also give people the confidence to up their veg intake and widen their recipe repertoire, safe in the knowledge that it'll taste utterly delicious. From simple suppers and family favourites to weekend dishes for sharing with friends, this book is packed full of phenomenal food - pure and simple. A book for everyone, this is the perfect moment for Jamie to inspire every kind of cook with his super-tasty, brilliantly simple, but inventive veg dishes.'It's all about celebrating really good, tasty food that just happens to be meat-free' Jamie Oliver