Heidi Heckelbeck and the Snoopy Spy

Heidi Heckelbeck #23

In the twenty-third Heidi Heckelbeck adventure, Heidi discovers a snoopy spy in her house!Heidi’s little brother, Henry, has turned into a snoopy, little spy and it is driving her crazy! He spies when her friends are over at their house. He spies on the school bus. He even spies on the playground! But when he almost tells one of Heidi’s secrets to Melanie Maplethorpe, it’s time to catch a spy! Will Heidi cast the perfect spell to stop her bothersome brother, or will her magic spill the biggest, Heidi secret ever? With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Heidi Heckelbeck chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

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Jun, 2018

Jun, 2018

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