Rory: The Adventures of a Lion Cub

The target group for "Rory" is beginner readers aged 4-9. "Rory" is a delightful book with full color photography that teaches children valuable life lessons and also about wild animals in Africa. Summary: Rory, the littlest cub in the pride, feels that no one in his family takes any notice of him. Everyone listens when his dad roars, so Rory sets off through the bush to practice his roar. However, after trying it out on a friendly giraffe, some scornful zebra and a troop of mocking monkeys, he finds, to his dismay, that his roar does not have the same effect. But along the way he learns some important lessons, and best of all, that one day he will be able to roar just like his dad.

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Aug, 2002

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