The Men Commandments

The Bible For Blokes From The Daddy Of Breakfast Radio

Foreword by James Nesbitt.

Christian O’Connell has been a man nearly all his life. Well, once he was a boy, then he was a teenager, then a man, but you get what we mean. So who better to save manhood from devolving into one of those spineless newt things from the Guinness ad?
For years women have had everyone from Germaine Greer to Bridget Jones to tell them how to be a woman, and who have men had? No one. That is, until now . . .
For ten years Christian has dispensed wisdom and advice to millions of lucky radio listeners on every topic conceivable; but it was when he saw his wife reading, and laughing at, a book called “How to Kill your Husband”, that he realised he had to write this book.
Men are confused about what it is to be a man in a world where men use moisturiser and eat sandwiches with rocket. They need help. The Men Commandments is a roadmap, a compass for men (not a sat nav - they’re evil!)
With his outspoken humour and ironic take on life, Christian explores male-dom; celebrating all that is great about being a man and unravelling those mysteries of masculinity that have stumped women for literally minutes.
Packed full of wisdom, advice, trivia, and cheeky banter, this is the must have book for men everywhere.
• The Man Quiz (a helpful quiz to establish real manliness)
• The 78 genetic differences between men and women (work for which Christian is expecting a Nobel prize)
• Manly Toilet Etiquette (real men do not speak at the urinals)
• The History of Men (it says a lot about the psyche of Man that early Neanderthal paintings depict willies)
• Men and their Mates (a relationship full of weird rituals, abuse and unspoken rules)
• The Real First XI
• The Men Commandments (the ten commandments that every true man needs to know)

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