Carolyn's Search

Raised without any religious beliefs, Carolyn Helman struggles to deal with the tragic death of her beloved husband Frank. She moves to California to work with her best friend Julia Cranston and rebuild her life. Carolyn begins to see a ray of hope as she begins attending R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) sessions that will lead to her initiation into the Roman Catholic Church. As she participates in the sessions and the Rites, Carolyn learns about who God is and the role He plays in her life. doorstep: a cat given to her by Julia's friend, Bill Jenner and a young man who will change her life and heart forever. deal with her meddlesome mother, devoted father, and a long kept secret. How will her newfound faith help her in dealing with what life is handing to her?

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United States Nov, 2004

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