Lethally Blond

New York Times bestselling author and Cosmopolitan editor in chief Kate White delivers a sensational mystery that sends her gutsy, single, thirty-something sleuth Bailey Weggins behind the scenes of a hot new TV show--now available in trade paperback. Do old flames burn brightest? Now that the TV show "Morgue" is shooting in Manhattan, the crime journalist for "Buzz" is remembering her fling with its gorgeous star, Chris Wickersham. But when Chris does contact Bailey Weggins, his intentions are all too honorable: It's to tell her that an actor from the show has gone missing. Delving deep into the glamorous yet crazy world of TV, Bailey soon finds herself in the middle of a killer story--literally. And as the case gets hotter, so does the action under the covers--especially the moment Bailey's crush Beau Regan comes back to town. With a dead body on the scene, ominous phone calls, and a stalker targeting her, it's clear that this reporter must unearth the truth "now--"before" "she becomes the inspiration for "Morgue"'s next episode.

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United States May, 2007

United States May, 2007

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