Explorers on the Moon (#17, The Adventures of Tintin)

Part of the series The Adventures of Tintin

The classic graphic novel. Picking up where Destination Moon left off, Professor Calculus and Tintin discover a secret agent has managed to sneak onboard the rocket with plans to hijack it and abandon everyone on the moon!

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Jun, 2004

United Kingdom Jun, 2003

United Kingdom Nov, 2002

Jan, 1996

Jan, 1994

Apr, 1992

Sep, 1976

Sep, 1975

Sep, 1959

Oct, 2007

Jan, 2007

Dec, 1992

Jan, 1962

Jan, 2004

Jan, 1995

Jul, 1990

Mar, 1989

Jan, 2004

Jan, 2001

Jul, 2000

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