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Cape Town After Apartheid

Nearly two decades after the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa, how different does the nation look? In Cape Town, is hardening inequality under conditions of neoliberal globalization actually reproducing the repressive governance of the apartheid era? By exploring issues of urban security and development, Tony Roshan Samara brings to light the features of urban apartheid that increasingly mark not only Cape Town but also the global cities of our day--cities as diverse as Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and Beijing. Cape Town after Apartheid focuses on urban renewal and urban security policies and practices in the city center and townships as this aspiring world-class city actively pursues a neoliberal approach to development. The city's attempt to escape its past is, however, constrained by crippling inequalities, racial and ethnic tensions, political turmoil, and persistent insecurity. Samara shows how governance in Cape Town remains rooted in the perceived need to control dangerous populations and protect a somewhat fragile and unpopular economic system. In urban areas around the world, where the affluent minority and poor majority live in relative proximity to each other, aggressive security practices and strict governance reflect and reproduce the divided city. A critical case for understanding a transnational view of urban governance, especially in highly unequal, majority-poor cities, this closely observed study of postapartheid Cape Town affords valuable ins

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Cape Town After Apartheid by Tony Roshan Samara, ISBN: 9780816670000
Cape Town After Apartheid
United States Jun, 2011 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Cape Town After Apartheid by Tony Roshan Samara, ISBN: 9780816670017
Cape Town After Apartheid
United States Jul, 2011 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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