Dear Mom, from You to Me (From You to Me Journals of a Lifetime)

WINNER OF GIFT OF THE YEARfrom you to me are the creators of Gifts that touch lives ... and this Journal, Dear Mom, from you to me is an inspiring gift that will help you to find out Amazing things about your mother. This will become the most precious book ever written because it is written by your own mom. Pass this Journal to her and get back a lifetime of wonderful memories. Have you ever wondered what your mother was like when she was a child? What was it like to be young back then . . . and what are the biggest changes she has seen in her lifetime? Intrigued about what she enjoyed . . . or even how she met your father? Interested in discovering fascinating facts about your ancestors? What about you and your relationship with your mother . . . how did she feel when she was pregnant with you? . . . what are her memories of you as a child and what made her feel proud? . . . what does she like about you & is there anything she would change? We rarely talk about these things with our loved ones yet these are questions that lead to precious answers . . . answers that will, one day, be lost forever. This unique journal includes insightful and fun questions to give your mother the chance to find that 'book' within her . . . and give you a story that you will treasure and pass down through the generations.Also available in UK English, Dear Mum.

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Sep, 2009

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