Secret Regrets

AS FEATURED ON THE DR. PHIL SHOW, CNN and Psychology Today! What is the BIGGEST regret of your life? The one thing you would change or do differently if you had a second chance? This book is a compilation of hundreds of the most honest, raw, and sometimes heartbreaking and shocking glimpses into the lives of complete strangers. Real regrets from real people, anonymously confessed to the Secret Regrets project creator, Kevin Hansen. This book shows how the "Secret Regrets" project has grown into a global support community of complete strangers anonymously connecting with complete strangers, offering words of compassion, empathy, and unconditional support. Allowing people to finally put guilt and regret behind them and move on. Reading this book is a journey into the secret side of human frailty. You will find yourself lost in the deepest, darkest and sometimes unimaginable secret regrets of others. And more than likely, you will find a reflection of yourself in one or more of these anonymous confessions - and come to realize that no matter what you've done ... or what you are facing in your life ... you are not alone. Questions? Contact the author at

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May, 2010

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