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Monet (Eyewitness Art)

Part of the series Eyewitness Books

Part of the "Eyewitness Art" series, this book explores in depth the personality behind the work of Claude Money. Also covered will be the important events, the key influences and the people - patrons, enemies, friends and lovers - who shaped the artist's life and work. Specially taken photographs of the works of art, with many close-up details provide true-to-life reproduction. Every page is packed with artefacts and memorabilia concerning the artist or art movement - letters and diaries, portraits of models, family and friends, sketchbooks, momentoes, palettes and artist's paraphernalia - all presented in a unique "private album". The series is created and compiled with the assistance of the leading museums, galleries, art historians and technical experts.

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Booko found 3 book editions of Monet (Eyewitness Art) by Jude Welton

Details Published Format New Used
Monet by Jude Welton, ISBN: 9780751361506
Sep, 1998 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Monet by Jude Welton, ISBN: 9781564580672
Jan, 1993 Hardback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Monet (Eyewitness Art) by Jude Welton, ISBN: 9780863189326
Monet (Eyewitness Art)
Oct, 1992 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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