Ten Timid Ghosts On A Christmas Night

What is Christmas and how does it go? Ten timid ghosts want to know!TEN TIMID GHOSTS ON A CHRISTMAS EVE is a sequel to TEN TIMID GHOSTS, which has sold more than 80,000 copies since September 2000.One timid ghost on a Christmas night,Waiting and watching by candlelight.She heard a jingle in the dark outsideAnd rushed to the window--her eyes open wide.Jennifer O'Connell's amusing ghosts are back in this sequel to her first book, TEN TIMID GHOSTS. As the ghosts prepare for Christmas, they hear, see, and smell strange things in the air that night. Is someone coming? Is that a sleigh in the sky? Count from one to ten with the ghosts as they learn about the magical spirit of Christmas!

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United States Oct, 2002

United States Oct, 2002

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